5 health success tips for your littles

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on March 7, 2016

Our girl is growing, happy, healthy and a great joy. She’ll be 17 months on March 16 and we’re enjoying her little-ness still. She’s barely 16 pounds, but strong and active. And into it ALL…!

daddy and journey

As we wrap up another season that’s normally filled with struggles for so many immune-compromised, we’re ever so grateful for the power in our company’s products. Supporting our immune systems, and hers, by using supplements from Young Living have been the biggest gift from God, and they come straight from nature.

Here are 5 health success tips:

  1. Get more sleep. Work can wait. People can wait. Laundry and dishes can wait. Get in lots of snuggle time. Cuddles and love have the strongest healing power. Baby needs lots of sleep too.
  2. Speak truth over your sweet Little. And yourself. “You are so strong.” “I love you.” “I’m so proud of you.” “You are my precious.” “You’re such a good girl.” “Jesus loves you so much.” “He will never leave you.”
  3. Be grateful. Say thank you. Write more thank you notes. (I’m working on this in 2016. One of my highest goals!) Tell you Little how grateful you are that they’re in your family.
  4. The Red — Wow. If you haven’t started drinking 1-2 ounces of NingXia Red daily, and are ready, get started here. Boost your immune system every day. And yes, our little one gets some too! #lovesit
  5. Remove chemicals in your home — If you still use chemicals in your home, check labels and do a little research. We’ve replaced all toxic chemicals (dish soap, laundry soap, hand sanitizers, diaper wipies, etc.). I’ll blog about this soon.

We are so thankful for ongoing prayers, love and support. If ever there was a church in our lives the past 16+ months, it was found in our mailbox, via text, in meals, in cards and gifts, and even “likes” on Facebook. Thank you forever.

thank you

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