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on November 16, 2016

Maybe you’re not, and that’s fine. But for those who are ready to just check out this Young Living thing, even if it’s just to make your home smell lovely… I would love to welcome you into our fun and loving community!

We have small and large groups. You can lurk or participate. You can lead or follow. You can do the business, or just be a customer who loves quality products. You can go fast or slow. You can buy a lot or a little. What you will get, without doubt, is so much love and support.

community is a salve

I would love to welcome you! Get started here. Just choose the Premium Starter Kit you want, and then add enough to your order to reach the FREEBIES with this month’s 190 PV promo. (Click here and scroll to bottom to see.) Ask me, and I’ll help you tailor it to your family’s desires or needs!

The monthly loyalty program is incredible, so do NOT buy a second time without signing up. Cheaper shipping…earning points for freebies, etc.

Would love to answer any questions – just let me know you’re ready!

are you ready

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