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on September 8, 2013

Sandi Boudreau

Blogging. I’m not so sure I’ll do this blog thing right. Are there rules? Tips?

I also honestly don’t know exactly what all I’ll be writing about, or how open I’ll be. I mean anyone could find this, right? In that pic up there I have a look of confidence, but wow deep down I don’t always have that. So yeah, this is all brand new for me. I’m going to LOVE it. I’m going to FEAR it. I’m going to DO it.

I’ll probably just share whatever. Stuff in my heart. What’s in my heart? My husband Kyler, what I’m learning, where I’ve been & where I’m going, health stuff, family stuff, favorite photos, essential oil info and how they’ve already begun changing my life, small business tips/ideas, social media & community management tricks I’ve learned over the years, and am learning now, etc.

My hope is to bless, motivate, inspire, help & encourage. I’m going to try to take it easy and not put pressure on.

I haven’t mastered anything and certainly don’t want to convey otherwise. I do know one thing though: I have to keep things simple.

Something else about me: If I were a superhuman, I’d be the one who rescues hurting and desperate people and changes every part of that. I’d love to be *that* Wonder Woman.

So do you sign off on blogs? Or do you just stop typing?


With love & hope,

P.S. Please share a favorite blog tip in the comments if you’d like. Pro or not, I’d love to hear from you.

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