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My Trailer Park Story;

My Trailer Park Story

March 27, 2018

I’ve not shared this but am inspired to today. It really doesn’t seem like very long ago that I lived in this mobile home with […]

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Young Living Black Friday 2017;

Young Living Black Friday 2017

November 22, 2017

It’s big and it’s fabulous!! Young Living Black Friday SALE is happening! From 8am MST to 11:59pm MST, you can snag all of these deals!! […]

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November 2017 Young Living Promo;

November 2017 Young Living Promo

November 6, 2017

It’s that time! Ahhhhh! I love the holiday season with Young Living. Are you ready to get started? If you aren’t already working with someone, […]

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It’s a Christmas in July Special;

It’s a Christmas in July Special

July 12, 2017

Have you been wondering where your Christmas Spirit is this month? I have it. Ready? Young Living’s pretty-much the best! If you’re into healthy living, […]

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Killer Combo for Home Business — Mic, Tripod, Lights, Stand;

Killer Combo for Home Business — Mic, Tripod, Lights, Stand

July 8, 2017

Many people ask me what they should get for their home business in terms of “professional” lighting, tripod, stand, when using your iPhone to shoot. […]

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Savvy Minerals Makeup by Young Living;

Savvy Minerals Makeup by Young Living

July 2, 2017

  You guys… it’s here. Young Living’s new Savvy Minerals makeup. I’ve been asked for years, “What kind of makeup do you use that’s safe, […]

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July Young Living Monthly Promos;

July Young Living Monthly Promos

***July 2017 Promos*** First of all, did you hear Young Living launched Savvy Minerals? It’s a brand new, non-toxic, chemical free makeup line!! Read to […]

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Protected: Welcome!;

Protected: Welcome!

January 1, 2017

Welcome! I hope you find Young Living is helping you reach your goals for wellness, purpose and abundance. Let's rock 2017 together!

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Are you ready?;

Are you ready?

November 16, 2016

Ready for community? Ready for an adventure? Ready for essential oils? Ready to walk (or run) into wellness?

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Beyond the Emotional Abyss;

Beyond the Emotional Abyss

October 23, 2016

I share my stories multiple times a week. People want to hear from a real person, hit my real rocks. Who changed their trajectory and rose above the abyss.

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Your drinking water is poison;

Your drinking water is poison

October 19, 2016

What's in your water? Since our bodies are made up of mostly water... make it the very best H20!

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Cancun & Young Living FUN – Oct 2016;

Cancun & Young Living FUN – Oct 2016

October 3, 2016

When work is "mostly" fun, it's okay to do a little on vacation!

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Free Oils!;

Free Oils!

July 6, 2016

If you join Essential Rewards THIS month... for the first time, with a qualifying order (100PV), you'll get two free oils!!

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oh, those cleaners!;

oh, those cleaners!

June 10, 2016

With a bit of Seussical flair, I'll be sharing some info I'm learning while on our journey to a chemical-free home.

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young living vitality line;

young living vitality line

April 7, 2016

If you ever wondered about ingestion, here's your answer! So excited about all the available product options from Young Living!

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the power of one;

the power of one

March 25, 2016

Did you know if you share what you love, with just one person, keeping it very simple, that they just might share with one... what happens?

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the worst thing about success;

the worst thing about success

March 17, 2016

There's something just awful about SUCCESS and you'll never guess what it is...

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keep it super super simple;

keep it super super simple

March 16, 2016

If you're sharing about something you love, especially if it's your business, you must keep it simple. Here's why.

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New or on the fence?;

New or on the fence?

March 15, 2016

If you're a newer-ish Young Living member (or are still tossing it around, but can't stand the thought of missing a party!), join me!

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spring giving project;

spring giving project

March 10, 2016

Spring is coming and we're launching a Spring Giving Project. If you partner with me as you get started with your wellness adventure, I'm giving 100% back!

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5 health success tips for your littles;

5 health success tips for your littles

March 7, 2016

Get more sleep. Work can wait. People can wait. Laundry and dishes can wait. Get in lots of snuggle time. Cuddles and love have the strongest healing power.

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leadership retreat invitation!;

leadership retreat invitation!

We're incredibly grateful for this company. Humbled by how God has changed our lives. Thank you to the many hard-working people who contribute to their success!

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I’m Stealing Oils From My Mom;

I’m Stealing Oils From My Mom

January 7, 2014

Young Living sells an entire kit with these oils called the "Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture." My Mom has two of these kits. I'm stealing one.

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New Year, New Beginnings: 2014;

New Year, New Beginnings: 2014

December 31, 2013

I'm VERY pumped about what God's going to do in 2014. Just be open and willing, you'll see him do above and beyond what you could ever imagine!

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Is Facebook a MUST for my business?;

Is Facebook a MUST for my business?

December 27, 2013

Do you need to use Facebook for your small business? Facebook is the largest social media site, with like a gazillion users. Okay, it's a round a billion.

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11 Steps for Creating BOLD Goals for 2014;

11 Steps for Creating BOLD Goals for 2014

December 23, 2013

What does success (in business) mean to you? Becoming debt-free? Making six figures? Taking a one-week beach vacation by the end of the year?

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Holidays and Loss;

Holidays and Loss

December 18, 2013

I want to honor you for surviving your pain each day.

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Anniversary Trip on St. John, Virgin Islands;

Anniversary Trip on St. John, Virgin Islands

November 26, 2013

We flew to St. John, Virgin Island on November 12. It was an anniversary gift given by my mother-in-law. TEN days at the Westin resort.

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Cleansing for Better Health;

Cleansing for Better Health

October 30, 2013

(How would YOU title a blog post about a colon cleanse..?) Should you do a colon cleanse? You will feel so much better if your body is cleansed!

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25 Powerful Benefits of Bananas;

25 Powerful Benefits of Bananas

October 15, 2013

About three months ago, I ran across a . blog post or photo that talked about the powerful benefits of bananas. You want to eat more bananas.

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Joy from Sorrow;

Joy from Sorrow

September 30, 2013

What brings you the greatest JOY? The thing you're really passionate about? I'm not always good at it, because I also find great joy in people helping me!

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Rosemary Maple Latte;

Rosemary Maple Latte

September 20, 2013

I have a new favorite coffee drink! I tried it at a coffee shop. Rosemary Maple Latte. Couldn't stop myself. Yesterday I made it myself. LOVE.

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Lavender Lemonade;

Lavender Lemonade

September 13, 2013

Here's a promise. You will fall in LOVE with this Lavender Lemonade!

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I’d Like a Water. Light on the Arsenic.;

I’d Like a Water. Light on the Arsenic.

September 12, 2013

Arsenic is a chemical compound used in the production of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. I'd rather not drink it.

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Can’t get your bum out the door?;

Can’t get your bum out the door?

We've all been there. Consistency with exercise can be a real struggle. It's not too late to make a change! Doing these FIVE things will change your life!

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Ylang Ylang Infused Fudge;

Ylang Ylang Infused Fudge

September 11, 2013

This isn't really a healthy recipe..... but wow, does ylang ylang add the sweetest, softest, flowery fragrance. It's actually quite romantic.

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Blogging Tips?;

Blogging Tips?

September 8, 2013

Do you have any blogging tips? Newbie here.

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