Daily Battle: Kindness vs Selfishness

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on January 23, 2014

People can say the kindest things. But today I want to just say that people can also say the most insensitive things. We’ve all been on the receiving end, and certainly on the giving end, sadly. I look back on things I’ve said, and seriously cringe! Then I remember the grace and forgiveness from God, and the cringing stops. (So grateful for mercy & grace, esp. when people give it too!)

The more our eyes are on ourselves, our situation, our battle, the less sensitive we are to others. Period.

If you’re having a struggle with something, I can promise you that someone else within listening distance really, really wants the very thing you’re complaining about…or something related.

I’m not saying we don’t have a right to say most anything we want, and I’m all about being open, honest and real. And I’m all about freedom of speech.

Honestly, I’m probably the chief of sinners in this area.

love people better

But if I can just refocus often/daily on the blessings that are hidden in the struggle I want to gripe about, it sure helps change my perspective fast.

Yes, we’re all on a journey, but it sure helps us become more unselfish and ultimately kinder people when we think for an extra couple minutes about what we want to whine about. Some people can’t get pregnant. Some can’t feel anything below their chest. Some have an amputated limb. Some are unhappily single. Some are unhappily married. Some just lost a job or contract. Some are depressed and feel completely hopeless.

Love others more than yourself. Period. I’m working to make this a consistency in my life.

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