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on March 5, 2016

Well, I haven’t blogged in about 2000 years, but hey, I’ve just got to write about this. Maybe you’re the only person who needs to see it. That would be AWESOME! Are you:

  • Frustrated or overwhelmed
  • Don’t know where to begin
  • Running around like a chicken with your noggin’ chopped off

I want to show you how you can fix this.

I’ve invested a lot in my own learning, my whole adult life, since I was about 30…when I went through the most difficult time of my life, and realized I needed to learn, grow, change, humble myself and become who I was meant to be. It’s an ongoing journey.

So, it’s not surprising that when I started looking into starting my own business, I immediately starting buying books, listening to webinars and videos, buying into mentoring programs, reading books, attending events… I love personal growth and leadership. I’m a seeker.

Seeking is probably the #1 key to my business success.

Seeking (and finding and working with others who are also seeking to learn and grow) is the #1 key to my success. I’m so grateful for thousands of colleagues who are humble learners, who desire to work together, who seek God, who build people up, who are inclusive and generous in heart, and who, in turn, humbly change the world. Working with those kinds of people is my favorite thing. People who are changing, growing, learning, loving, sharing…

And that’s what my blog is about — 1) what I’m learning in this journey, and 2) encouraging others to join me.

I believe God uses all kinds of people, events, stories, trainings to change people. Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve never been to an event like Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success. I’m in the top .1% of our company, and have learned a lot from a lot of people. I feel it’s the most-needed starting point for everyone. Invest in you and buy your ticket. I may see you there!

Need more info? This event is all about building a very solid foundation for success in life, finances, relationships and business. First Steps to Success is currently held every 2 months or so, all over the country. I’m honestly not sure if this event could possibly impact you as much as it did me.

All I know is that this event was absolutely what I needed.

Dani teaches invaluable lessons that will help you be successful faster, by making a LOT fewer mistakes. I now encourage all my friends and family to attend. It’s for anyone and everyone, and not just those with a home business.

Join me at First Steps to Success

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