grateful for kitten cries

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on December 7, 2014

Post by Kyler.

Praise: Journey is breathing and eating very well. Her oxygen saturation levels are very good, and her lungs are continuing to clear and improve. She’s weaning off some meds and the doctors have expressed how pleased they are with how she’s doing. We heard her cry more today. They were cute little kitten cries (says Mommy). We are so grateful, but continue to pray for strong lungs and a full wean from oxygen soon.

She lost a little weight so she’s back under 3 lbs (1350 grams), but the fluctuation is expected and it’s hard to get an exact weight anyway. We are thrilled with her progress on the feeds. Up to 12 ml mommy’s milk every 3 hours and tolerating it all!

Hey Dad, look at my big tummy.

Mom didn’t get to hold her today, but we all three had lots of touch time. Hopefully tomorrow morning they can have some skin time. Today was full of stretching, sleeping and eating, exactly what she’s supposed to be doing! We are grateful. Thank you for your kindness, support and prayers. Each mean so much to us.

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