I’m Stealing Oils From My Mom

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on January 7, 2014

I’m no different from you. Most people won’t hear about essential oils, until someone tells them. I didn’t. And, if someone has heard about essential oils, it’s likely something about them being bottled up snake oils, discovered by hippies in the 70’s while smoking patchouli under a roof of wind chimes.

Well, in my research, I’ve learned there’s a lot more to them. The history of essential oils is out-of-this-world phenomenal. They’ve been used for thousands of years. Maybe more.

For the “Twelve Days of Christmas” (Dec 25-Jan 5), I talked on my Facebook page about one ancient oil each day. They each have unique uses.

Young Living sells an entire kit with these oils called the “Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture.” My Mom has two of these kits. One remains unopened. I’m stealing it next time I’m in town. Please don’t tell her.

Try them. You will be encouraged. You are not alone. There is HOPE.

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