WELCOME! I made this space to share about Young Living with friends (and friends of friends). These are just the basics about why I choose to buy our family’s household products from them. A plant-based wellness lifestyle can be very simple. We choose Young Living because of the purity, commitment to excellence and the community. If someone else sent you here, they trust you and they care about you — I hope this inspires you!

Honestly, my story starts out a little sad! But bear with me – it gets better! *smile* Put simply, my lifestyle choices leading up to 2013 weren’t creating optimal conditions for wellness. Poor diet, lack of exercise, too many environmental toxins. My body was unbalanced, I had poor energy levels, and my hormones were struggling. Needed change in every area. Essential oils and essential oil-infused products have provided plant-based solutions to target my issues and restore balance. It’s never too late to make changes!

Toxic chemicals are in everything.

Something I’ve learned is that most women apply over 300 chemicals to their face and skin per day, via store-bought skin-care and makeup products. Bismuth, talc, parabens, lead, mercury, and mineral oil are all disruptive to the endocrine (hormones) system, and are highly carcinogenic. They’ve even been found in tumors. I now use Young Living’s skin care and their makeup line called Savvy Minerals which are safe and free from these toxic chemicals.

In 2013 I was going through some difficulties (emotionally, physically and financially) and began searching for answers. I learned many of my products had too many toxic chemicals, which were causing stress on my body, affecting my health. I didn’t realize how many chemicals are in everyday products — air fresheners, sprays, perfumes, cleaners, deodorants, toothpaste, and other basics. While I was going through a miscarriage, we learned

about toxins in our memory foam mattress, the importance of water purity and how most tap water is toxic, and I bought a kit of essential oils. At the time I didn’t know what essentials oils were, or how to use them. No idea what a diffuser was, but I began reading and learning about Young Living oils and learned they had hundreds of other plant-based wellness products too. So we began switching them out. Best choice ever!

Personal video coming soon but for now!

Extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, the purest and potent essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come. Any time you hold a bottle of Young Living’s powerful essential oils, you hold nature’s pure essence. I call them “brilliance in nature.”

  • Young Living started out as an essential oil company in 1993 and a passion for pure essential oils is the company’s foundation and what makes us the front-runners in the essential oil industry.
  • Essential oils are the liquids from the plants they are distilled from, and contain very, very small molecules.
  • Therapeutic essential oils are taken in by the bloodstream, and carried to every cell within the entire body, in a matter of minutes.
  • They are powerful agents that are used for aromatherapy, in our personal care products, as household solutions, and they support every system of your body.
  • They help our bodies be what they’re meant to be, do what they’re meant to do. For example, if someone’s digestive system needs help doing what it’s meant to do…a combination of several oils called DiGize can assist the body.

So, what’s in this kit we all keep talking about? Here’s a list!

  • LEMON. Not only does Lemon smell happy, it also helps with energy, soothes a sore throat, supports a healthy pH, and can cleanse / detoxify the body. Add a drop of Lemon to a glass of water / tea for a tasty way to get all of these amazing benefits! As soon as I got my kit, I put 1-2 drops of lemon in my water daily. HUGE mood impact.
  • PEPPERMINT. A powerful support to the respiratory system and it soothes occasional head tension. This is a gateway oil for many, because it’s more well-known. I put a drop on my thumb and press to the roof of my mouth. It’s well-known that Peppermint supports the digestive system — a go-to for a sensitive stomach! Wanna breathe well year-round? Yes.
  • COPAIBA. Supports the body’s response to injury/irritation, the body’s natural immune responses, the neurological system, and emotions. It’s powerful for boosting a mood, and promotes youthful appearance from the inside out. Hello, skin support! Can use under the tongue, add to a vegetable capsule, add to your smoothies, etc…just get it in you.
  • DIGIZE. For the digestive system — incredible. Can alleviate occasional nausea, upset/sour stomach, and is excellent for occasional irregularity / upset tummies. May be your tummy’s new BFF. Some use it after every meal to support healthy digestion. Great for travel since it’s hard to eat well on the road!
  • THIEVES. Supports the immune system. Bam! It  smells amazing. Must google for lots of stories. Another year-round fave. The go-to oil at the first sign of anything! Can rub on feet for littles or in a rub w/a carrier oil. A gateway oil for many. Use in a tea in the Fall to keep that immune system healthy! Thieves also smells happy when diffused.
  • PURIFICATION. Cleans air of bad odors and anything you don’t want in your air. Think about that diaper pail, locker room, stinky shoes, kitchen fish smell, etc. Can rub on outside of throat – in the Spring season it’s especially powerful because of the citronella (bug repellant) in this blend. Add a couple drops in a spray bottle filled with water, give it a good shake, and spray the stink away!
  • PANAWAY. A go-to for discomfort. Rub a drop across your forehead when you’re having trouble with noise or focus, mix with a massage oil and rub on your feet after a long day or hard-core exercise. If you have a momma’s back, get this.
  • LAVENDER. This is one most have heard about…..it’s been called the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils. It’s great for relaxation, sleep, a calm environment for kids, and soothes skin. You can use Lavender for just about anything!
  • RC. You’ll feel like you can breathe deeper in the changing seasons…RC contains 3 different kinds of eucalyptus oils, which have naturally occurring eucalyptol (Google it!). It inspires and uplifts, and creates a comforting environment. You can rub right on the chest, diluted with a carrier if you’d like. Breathe easily…
  • FRANKINCENSE. Basically Frank is our go-to oil when we don’t know what to use. Great for little ones. Mild. Incredible for fine lines or acne-scarred skin, boosts your mood, and gives a definite sense of calm and balance. Frankincense Vitality is also phenomenal for immune support. Plus, it was given to the baby Jesus! I love it mixed with Stress Away and Lavender. Try it!

And finally… a bonus oil comes in the kit too! STRESS AWAY. It’s a vacation in a bottle. Relaxing for anyone — business owners, wives, hubbies, mommas, teachers, nurses. Basically if you have stress in your life, you need this one.

Watch this really informative 17-minute video taught by my friend, Jen O’Sullivan.

Usually after learning about oils there are three types of people:

  • One person may think, “This isn’t for me, but I still have health goals.” We do what we can to help people with their wellness so talk to whoever invited you to take a look. They can share ideas for how you can reach your health goals!
  • Another person may say, “This gives me hope! I had no idea about the science behind oils…but I still have questions.” If you want YL to be your answer, we can point you to more resources so you can decide when it’s best for you to start on your wellness journey feeling well equipped! Reach out to whoever invited you — they’ll do their best to get your questions answered!
  • Ahhhh, that third kind of person is super excited and thinking, “Let’s do this! I’m ready. I need to overhaul my home with safe, plant-based options.” You want to eliminate toxins and experience what it’s like to be well inside and out! I’m excited for you to have a Young Living lifestyle! Ask the person who invited you for their member number so you can join our community! We can’t wait to welcome you, get to know you, and help you on your journey!

Your next step. Okay! You know the very basics. Almost done! Watch the video below and dream about a life in which you all sleep through the night, wake up feeling rested and excited about life and your job, your future. You’re healthy. Your children stay well even in pre-school and during the winter sports season. Your home smells like a spa! You feel empowered. You have confidence about the products you’re using. That doesn’t have to just be a dream. It can be YOU. YOU can do this. I’m so grateful for Young Living and our community!

When you’re ready to get started and set up your own account, talk to whoever pointed you here. If it was me, click here. It’s super simple, but if you need step by step instructions, contact me.