Is Facebook a MUST for my business?

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on December 27, 2013

Do you need to use Facebook for your small business? Facebook is the largest social media site, with like a gazillion users. Okay, it’s around a billion. You need to be there. Quick video, and then read on…


Facebook just isn’t going anywhere soon. So if you aren’t there, your current (and future) clients won’t be able to easily find you. That’s where they look now. If you’re already on Facebook, but not using it properly, they still may not be able to find you. You want to show up in their feed.

Three starter tips:

1. Create a Facebook Presence. It’s okay to post now and then about what you love about your job and business on your personal profile, but it’s more professional to have a business page. It’s easy, and gives you more credibility, validating your commitment to whatever your business is.

Don’t post all the time about your network marketing company on your personal page…or on your business page.

2. Post at least 3-4 times a day. Some experts say 12! On your Facebook biz page (not your personal profile), you should post often, using a variety of posts. Stay visible. Choose quotes you appreciate (give credit if it’s not original), share photos from your day-to-day life, and of course talk about your business a bit. Offer helpful tips. Don’t “sell” all the time. People don’t want to see or hear the same old thing all the time. Mix it up.

This doesn’t have to be a strain on your schedule … You can schedule posts in advance – use Hootsuite!

3. Be you. If you don’t already know your unique message, take some time to figure that out out. What are your passions, interests, dreams? What’s your belief system? Why are you selling what you’re selling? Do you LOVE it, or are you just doing it because you’ve been doing it and don’t know what else to do? Stop that. Make a change. Bottom line: If you’re passionate about what you’re doing/selling, that passion will attract people to YOU, not to what you’re selling. Then, if they want to, they’ll buy something from you. You want your ideal client to find you.

Find something you love and are passionate about. Then monetize. There IS a way.

For example, after a few weeks of using essential oils, I started sharing about them with friends and family because I noticed a huge difference in how they were helping me. They literally changed my life. I’m passionate about them.

However, I know others don’t know what essential oils are, how to use them, and they certainly aren’t excited about them. They just don’t want to hear about them all the time. Even my husband doesn’t. Even fellow oil users don’t! Your network marketing company doesn’t define you. Your success with it doesn’t define you. Stay true to YOU. Talk about your other interests on social media as well. Again, what you love should be what you share, and what you share will attract your “ideal client.” If all you have to share ends up attracting someone to want to learn more, BOOM. There’s your next client.

No matter what direction your professional life takes you, YOU are your brand. No one can take that from you. Figure out what YOU are passionate about, give it a personal twist, then monetize.

Helping people build whatever business they’re in — that’s a passion. Let’s do it!

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