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on March 16, 2016

If you’re building a home business by sharing about what you like and use, you must keep it super simple — Here are 3 (of many) reasons why.

1. People you’re around are often already interested.

Many of your friends already want to be more healthy. They already want non-toxic. They’re already aware of what chemicals in the home can do. So if you’re selling something like Young Living products, they already want what you’re selling. You don’t have to go into all the details. Just say you love them, share a few stories and tell them how they can get their own oils, chemical-free cleaner and healthy energy drink.

Example: If a wife walks into a computer store saying, “I want Model X for my hubby’s birthday. Think that’s a good idea?” If Joe proceeds to explain EVERYTHING about that computer, she may get overwhelmed and leave saying she needs to think about it… However, if he said, “You are so smart. If my wife got this for me, I’d think she was SO AWESOME.” Boom. Sold. That’s all she wanted. What was she was buying? Not a computer. Nope. Something that would make her husband happy, and would help him know she was awesome. Joe was selling that computer to HER (her needs, wants, desires). He was not selling it to her husband.

simple is not easy but it wins sandi boudreau

2. Invest your time in the type of person who will say YES.

You can find out right away if you’re investing your time in the person who wants what you offer.

Example: In a normal conversation with a friend, you can ask, “Are you already using natural products?” If they say heck no, you know they’re not going to be interested in Young Living’s quality commitment to growing and developing natural products for supporting their health. If they say, “Oh yes!” you know they would be interested in learning about what you love. That’s when you can say, “Have you ever heard of essential oils?” Then lead into a simple description of our Thieves Cleaner and other pure Thieves products from Young Living. Show them how to create an account to begin replacing their other home products with those from Young Living.

3. If someone asks what you do, you need to know.

And you need to know how to say that in like 15 seconds or less. It’s what’s called an elevator pitch. Simple simple simple. So think about what you do and why you do it. If you know why, you’ll have a smile on your face and a spark in your voice. Passion and belief in what you do is key!

Example 1: “Aw, thanks for asking! I absolutely love helping people simplify everything in their home so they shop less and can go 100% chemical-free. What do you do?”

Example 2: “Thanks for asking!! I help moms wake up with more energy. What do you do?”

I can promise you if you say these things, they’ll say “How?” or “Tell me more!” BOOM. That’s when you share how to create their own wholesale membership.

If this was helpful, I’d love your feedback in the comments.

Credit: As I wrote this post, I thought of various training I’ve received from these wonderful leaders so I must give them credit: Dani Johnson, Kyler Boudreau, Debra Raybern and Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. Thank you! That link to Dani’s training is an affiliate link. Although I do use earnings from other affiliate links on my website to help cover the costs of my blog, trainings, etc., I am giving 100% of what I earn via the Dani Johnson links to a charity she founded called King’s Ransom Foundation.

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    1. I Love the ‘Simple’! Thanks for allowing me to plant these ideas in my head!
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