Momentum for 2014

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on December 23, 2013

Over 100 of us started our daily momentum and discipline, together, in September 2013. We agreed to a 99 Day Challenge and (assuming we stuck with it) we were all way better off than we would’ve been, had we squandered our time and focus (and health/fitness mindset).

momentum 2014

We post every single day, when our fitness goal has been completed. Simple! An overarching goal for everyone in the group is to be healthy. Here are a few testimonials:

“…knowing this group is there for encouragement means a lot. I have consistently been doing my weekly yoga and have had two people say they think I have lost weight.”

“I’m giving Sandi’s encouragement and this group full credit for the five pounds I’ve lost and the excellent blood sugar report I just got from my doctor. No meds for me!”

“I love this group and the encouraging attitudes of *everyone* that’s here.”

Be in a group that’s proud of all you DO get done. Put healthy choices in your mind daily!

I encourage you to try REALLY hard to get outside every day for at least 20 minutes. Or even 3 days this week. Start now. Do something inside if you have a DVD you can follow. Drink less alcohol (or none at all), and lots more water. It’ll be hard, no doubt. This is a holiday week…aka Excuses Week. But it’s doable.

I can promise you you’ll feel so much better!


If you want to work with me on your health/fitness goals, or join our private ‘Momentum!’ Facebook group, or if you want help with your business’s online marketing goals, please contact me. Let me know exactly what you wish for in 2014. I’d love to help you!

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