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on January 1, 2018

I love these questions. “How do I motivate? How do I get momentum?”

I love these questions. In fact, these are two very common questions. Early on I thought I knew the answer. When I first started having success, I had lots of answers. I look back and just have to blush, or even laugh, at my responses. “Do this and that and read this…”

Nope. I’ve been learning so much this year, and over the past 9 years, since I took my first position as a Community Manager back in 2008. I managed Facebook games/apps, groups of people who tested and played, events online and in person, my home business, home, projects, events with other business owners… Lots of experience, trial/error, failures/successes. I’m pretty good at it now. I SO enjoy helping people launch into action.

But just because you’re good at something, and have a little success, doesn’t mean you know each ingredient to that success. But I’m learning a tremendous amount about momentum, growth, success and leadership.

FACT: My momentum does not start or revolve around someone else doing something.

We can’t motivate anyone else. (We can inspire, but we can’t bring about self-motivation in someone else.)

It’s actually very exciting to me, the more I recognize this. Because I’m a recovering control freak and this means I am in total control of my own momentum.

It starts from within.

Where do we start? We must have a vision for our life, family, future, friendships, job, finances. I dove into quite a bit of Dani Johnson’s trainings in 2016 and her reminder of a need for vision was huge for me. To be specific with my vision for every area of my life.

THIS is what will inspire others to have a vision for their own life, and take action.

So, what’s your vision for your health, free time, spouse, friendships, kiddos, faith, job, finances? For today, 6 months from now, 5 years from now, when you’re 97?

  1. Do you need something in your life to change? Probably. What’s the action you’re taking TODAY that will affect change in you? I just received a Commit30 Journal and am REALLY excited about it. There’s also this book: OOLA: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World. Grab that and it will walk you through envisioning change.
  2. Do you want job, relationship and financial freedom? Of course! There are some incredible FREE trainings for this. Contact me and share your goals, and I’ll hook you up.
  3. Do you want time freedom? Absolutely. This means you own your schedule and others don’t. I’m working hard on this in the new year.  (Consider really digging into this training by Dani Johnson called Time Secrets. TIP: Don’t just buy it and watch it. Do it. Or it’ll be a waste of money.)

A few more questions to ask, if you realize you need to inspire vs. keep trying to “motivate”…

ONE. Are you doing the very things you want these others to do?

Sometimes as we rise in a company or get busy at home, we forget to keep doing the same thing that brought us success in the first place. We forget to lead by example. If you want people to do x, make sure you’re doing x too, in some form. Don’t slip into management mode. You want to build leaders, not followers. Not dependents.

TWO. Do you have any expectations?

Ditch them all. I had no idea I had expectations of others until I got irritated that people weren’t doing x, y and z. Those losers! Once I realized this is what directly impacted me living a life of true freedom — I ditched them.

THREE. Are you absolutely committed to the success of others?

If we aren’t careful, our own desire for a promotion or a raise or rise in rank can stifle our ability to inspire others to create a vision (or to even catch the vision you were casting for them). We all know our success only happens when we help others reach their own goals. Help others succeed.

FOUR. Are you preventing someone from leading?

Are you always the one training, posting, talking? Yes, lead. But help others lead too. One of my business mottos early on, when I was making only like $1000/month, was “Build leaders, not followers.” TIP: I like to craft posts, make graphics, and even shoot videos, and then instead of sharing them…hand them off to someone so they can duplicate it all in their own voice/vibe. And then THEY post/share. Model leadership.

FIVE. Are you a grateful person? The most grateful person you know?

Gratefulness inspires others. I have no idea how this works. It just does. Opt in to humility. The humility of gratefulness. Do you edify others? Do you say thank you? Do you send occasional gifts? Do you give others a platform to share their stories? Do you welcome feedback? Do you realize you wouldn’t be where you are without many, many others in your life? I was the LEAST grateful person for my Mom when I was younger. Like, in my journal when I was 9 I wrote that I hated her. I became much more grateful in my 30’s and now that I’m a Mom myself, I think I’m the most grateful daughter EVER. Mom, are you reading this? I LOVE YOU!

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Need accountability? Want to join a community that has incredible team momentum? Whether you have skills or not. Whether you have a clue or not. Whether you know what you need or not… You might as well start somewhere. I started at zero too.

Now we have a simple system and training, available for YOU.

Creating momentum does require others, but as with most things, it starts with you. Create your own momentum. Or it just won’t happen.

Get started with our beautiful community today. Make 2017 YOUR year of relentless change. Your year of new-found momentum. It starts with you.

Contact me. xoxo

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