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my story (short version):

After a dark season of multiple miscarriages, we began saying ‘no’ to toxic stuff and ‘yes’ to change. Some big steps and some baby steps. We got rid of our memory foam mattress, ordered a Berkey filter (vs bottled and tap), and began ordering plant-based products. Change happened quickly so I knew the oils were powerful. We conceived a year later. Our sweet girl is a delight. xo

Essential Oils Support Healthy Bodies

Oils help our bodies do what they’re supposed to do. They support our body systems — sleep, respiratory, skin. I call it brilliance in nature. God is so good. In the same way oils in a plant guard and protect the plant, oils work the same way in the animal kingdom (a.k.a. that’s you and me, and our furry friends).

I’ll send you a couple resources after you enroll with me. They’ll blow you away.

I’d love to welcome you to our Young Living family!

start your adventure:

  1. Get started with your wholesale membership (lifetime 24% discount; everyone does this). Go to and create your membership. Enter my member number as your enroller and sponsor: 1457823.
  2. Click over to the sign-up page to choose a Premium Starter Kit. I started with oils…ahh. (Choose any diffuser — they’re all fabulous!) If you still aren’t sure and want to learn more, watch this video by my friend and colleague, Lauren Vandermeer.
  3. Once you’re all set, we’ll get you added to our trainings, groups, and beautiful community!
  4. [Optional] Enroll in Essential Rewards and add the Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream, a Deep Relief Roll-on, and a couple bottles of Ningxia Red.This order can be changed monthly. Essential Rewards allows you cheaper shipping, and much more.
  5. [Optional] If you’re interested in having a supplemental income, let me know. After a hustle season of sharing with friends and family, and collaborating with others to build resources and tools, I now work 5-10 hours a week on my YLEO business. Now that we have tools we didn’t have when I got started, you get to just focus on soaking up oily knowledge and learn how to share with others! You can do this — fast or slow. You just say yes and then just do what we tell you to do! 😉 Between our own resources and that of many others, you will have everything you could possibly need.

P.S. You may be like I was — very uninterested in network marketing (MLM). I did love the products though, so I told others. I read a book called The Four Year Career and fast forward… now we have have a little one, a healthier home, and sweet, new friendships. We get to live in and explore Hawaii for a while, experience slower living, and pursue other dreams (my hubby is a filmmaker!). The gift of time freedom is worth working for…Get that book (The Four Year Career). Heck, I’ll get it for you! Just ask.

Honestly, this may not be for you, but if it is, I can help you. I decided to pursue the business and in 17 months we reached the top .1% in our company, bringing along thousands with us to the top 3.5%! (We’re still helping people do this — and 99% of us are all doing this part-time.)

Again, you may not need a supplemental income, but wow…I did. We were over $100,000 in debt. Talk about stressed. You may only be looking for more energy, better sleep, or healthy baby products and make-up. If so, get the products! Totally. But if you need that, PLUS an income, we can hook you up!

Why Young Living?

Our company is a 25+ year old company, making over a billion dollars in annual sales, and is the fastest growing company in our industry. We have farms all over the world. Young Living’s philanthropic efforts have also impacted the world, as evidenced all over the news. Our 500+ products are top quality, pure and unique. Plant-based is the most natural way to go. The Premium Starter Kit with oils is what I started with, and then shortly after, I joined the monthly rewards program and have never looked back.

Why Young Living?

When you start as a wholesale member, you’ll receive an amazing 24% discount off every product!

Order your own premium starter kit today! The oily Premium Starter Kit is one of our most popular starter kits, and is worth over $325. As a “starter kit” however, it’s only $160 and includes:

  • A diffuser. The Aria Diffuser and Rainstone are my favorites, but we have all in our home. One in every room.
  • 10 bottles (5ml) popular oils and exclusive blends: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense, Copaiba, Thieves, PanAway, RC, Purification and DiGize (digestive support)
  • A current Product Guide
  • Bonus 5ml bottle of Stress Away (“vacation in a bottle”)
  • AromaGlide Roller Fitment (you can put this on any 5ml or 15ml bottle) — I have it on my Frankincense so I can roll all over my face each evening for restful sleep and healthy skin
  • 2 packets of NingXia Red (this drink is your answer for “need more energy, but don’t want a sugary high!”)
  • 10 mini bottles (to use/share)
  • 10 sample packets of oil (to use/share)
  • 10 product usage cards, with a place to attach a sample for a co-worker, family member or friend

Create Your Account Now!

1. Click over to the sign-up page.

2. Signing up – Select “Sign Up As: Young Living Wholesale Member”

3. Enroller and Sponsor – The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be auto-populated. If for some reason it is not, enter 1457823 in both boxes to be sure you enroll with me.

4. Personal Information – Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact info.

5. Username, Password and PIN – Create your password and PIN, which you will use to log in to your account and order your oils. Write this down somewhere.

6. Select your Premium Starter Kit. You must sign up with one of these kits to become a Wholesale Member. You can also enroll in the loyalty program (Essential Rewards) now and purchase other items at this time. This is optional. See #7. It is risk-free to add these amazing oils to your life.

7. The loyalty program is called Essential Rewards. Free products, cheaper shipping, and more. As a Young Living wholesale member, you have the option to join this “frequent buyer’s club” — Essential Rewards. It’s the best way to start “switching stores” — basically make Young Living your store. Other stores don’t offer discounts and free products just for your loyalty in purchasing with them…but Young Living does! You will accumulate reward points and redeem them for products! You’ll also get a cheaper flat rate on shipping with each ER order.

8. Agree to Terms & Conditions.

9. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER. Don’t miss this step or you would not get your oils!

That’s it! Welcome to the wonderful world of Young Living Essential Oils!

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