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on March 10, 2016

Here are a few more thoughts about Dani Johnson and First Steps to Success, in addition to my first post about it.

  • I know you want to know EXACTLY what you’d learn at a FSTS.
  • I know you wonder if it’d be worth your time and investment.
  • I know you think she’s too much this or too much that. Or you don’t like this or that. Or agree w/this or that.
  • I know you think she’s trying to get you to turn into something you’re not, and something you don’t want to be.

Here’s the deal. I do not follow Dani Johnson. I follow God. And she follows God. You may not. And that’s okay.

All I know is that God has used her to change my life. Before going, I had listened to some calls from her 30-day bootcamp. (You should totally enroll and listen to Day 1.) Those made me very hungry for something more… I honestly didn’t even know what all I needed. I just knew I needed something. I needed to grow, change, heal, move on, let go, de-stress, and undo what wasn’t working.

Dani Johnson Sandi Boudreau

I prayed often before going to my first one that FSTS would have at least have SOME answers. At least some…

God answered my prayer, above and beyond. It’s not something I can really describe or explain. I cannot tell you all what happened in a 3-day event. You would have to experience it yourself.

So, you may be fully satisfied in every area of your life, and maybe you don’t think you need more time management skills, or to figure out how to move on from unhealthy relationships, or recognize healthy ones, or maybe you don’t need more biz skills. But, if you’re kinda struggling, and you’re hungry for something else, and you’re teachable (or even desperate), then go to First Steps.

For me it took a huge load off. I can promise it’ll do the same for you. And will shave off more wasted time doing the same things and not getting anywhere……

I don’t know if it’ll make as much of a difference in you, or for you, as it has for me. All I know is it’s been life-changing for me, for Kyler, for our relationship, our finances, our immediate present, and our future, and our businesses, etc. I don’t say this lightly. I’m so grateful to God for speaking through this woman. I respect her humble yet passionate and confident heart. A gift to our family!

dani johnson sandi boudreau FSTS

So anyway, it’s totally your choice to go or not. It’s totally fine if you don’t go. It may not be for you. I’m just the type to promote what I think is amazing, whether it’s a restaurant, brand of clothing, Young Living, Valor essential oil, my baby, my hubby, Malibu, or a new book I’m reading. Or this. This is just me sharing something I’m grateful for.

Learn how to best invest in yourself, and then go for it!

If it’s FSTS, great. I may see you there! If not, I hope you find a place to really focus on you — for your own personal growth and development. There are so many options!

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