not a toddler

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on April 5, 2016

Okay, this is the weirdest thing, but I just heard our baby is a toddler. She is not. I insist. Don’t moms get to decide?

She’s 17.5 months, and 14 months adjusted to her due date. Apparently, either WAY, she’s a toddler. Maybe I can google some more and find the answer I want.

She’s still crawling 99% percent of the time. No teeth, not even a slight peek. Very little hair and it’s a baby-mullet. No words, but she can bark like a puppy and say da-da. And point to the moon and the dog in the books. She loves to be read to!

I sure love her. So grateful to our God for her. What a precious gift, our sweet forever baby.

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