Cancun & Young Living FUN – Oct 2016

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on October 3, 2016

We are in Cancun, spending time together with 3 other couples and their kiddos. Celebrating some of their birthdays. Enjoying the change of scenery and warm ocean. So grateful for Young Living and the freedom to work from home (or wherever). Here’s a pic from dinner last night! Our daughter will be TWO in two weeks. Ahhh! So grateful for her. I blog about her too. She is a miracle!

cancun vacation

The pic at the top is from our pool time earlier today. They play Disney music at the kiddo’s pool and it’s the best pool for everyone, at least this week. So quiet!

Soooo, ready to get started with Young Living? Or maybe you’re a member and need to enroll in the loyalty program. DO IT this month. They’re giving away bigtime freebies!!

NOTE: I’m always looking for people who are interested in wellness (and the optional supplemental income opporunity) with Young Living. Maybe you don’t need a big business. But maybe you want to cover the cost of your oils each month. We’re Diamonds with Young Living (top .1%) and reached this rank in 17 months from sign-up. We love helping people grow their business too! So if you can say, “Tell me what to do and I’ll do it. I want to be successful.” I will help you too! Here’s how I’d tell you to start.

  1. You would order your starter kit (11 oils, with lots of pluses, like a diffuser!). Click here. Make sure my number (1457823) is listed as your enroller / sponsor. I’ll get you connected and help you get started!!
  2. You would add these items to that first order before you check out: Progessence Plus (female only), Shutran (for men/women, but my man loves it!), Believe (blend), a shampoo (we like the Lavender shampoo – supports health hair growth), or get some other skin care or personal care item, and 2 Christmas Spirit (oil blends – to die for), and whatever else you want to try. (Earn the 300 PV promo if you can. See purple-ish graphic below!) I would normally say add the Thieves Household Cleaner, but this month you get that for FREE when you spend 300 PV. So add other things like the Feelings Kit (you will never regret this purchase). You can’t go wrong. Check out the Kid Scents line or the Animal Scents line. Then check out…voila! YOU ARE IN!
  3. By the 20th, enroll in the loyalty points program (called Essential Rewards) and get the Ningxia Red ER kit). You’ll get cheaper shipping, the best price on that must-have drink, PLUS you’ll earn points for free stuff later. PLUS, you can earn the freebies AGAIN that are the monthly promo… Process this order by the end of this month. If you’re new to ER…read on.

The freebies Young Living is offering this month are kind of over-the-top and they’re geared for NEW members who haven’t yet enrolled in the loyalty points program (Essential Rewards). You want to get started this month and can earn 4 freebies when you do (100PV minimum, but always always try to earn the other freebies – just focus on “replacement” buying – replacing the stuff you already buy elsewhere).


Ahhhh and the freebies I’m offering to anyone who joins me in my team — these are different all the time, but this month I’m thinking of adding in a Christmas Spirit sample!! Let me know if you’d like this or some Stress Away!! BOOM. You’d love love love either of these delightful blends. I can PROMISE YOU THAT.

If you’re ready to get started, I invite you to just jump in. Do it! Don’t be overwhelmed. Join our delightful and fun and fast-growing community, and we’ll walk you through it all. We are like family – and all about wellness, purpose and abundance in every area, so if you have a need, allow us to help connect you with an answer. Or if you just want to have lots of fun, we do that too! Just contact me and I’ll hook you up over the phone, or click the link above (see #1) and do it all yourself.

This month…when you spend these varying amounts (PV) in a single order, you can earn all these freebies (see below). When I started with Young Living, I joined the loyalty program (Essential Rewards) within I think 8-9 days. I wanted to go quickly (to better health), so I dove all in. That’s what I encourage everyone to do. Just dive in. Use everything you can all day. Start replacing the stuff with chemicals in your home ASAP. Laundry soap, etc.



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