25 Powerful Benefits of Bananas

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on October 15, 2013

About three months ago, I ran across a blog post or photo that talked about the benefits of bananas. It grabbed my husband’s attention faster than mine, and he’s started eating them regularly.

Soon after he started consistently eating bananas, I began doing a little research here and there, and started eating them often too. I want to share what I learned with you. We’re both extremely happy with the results. See?


First of all, what are bananas made of? Bananas contain:

  • Tryptophan – converts to serotonin, the “happy hormone” (a mood enhancer; helps with depression)
  • Iron – helps with anemia and hemoglobin
  • Potassium – helps control hypertension
  • Pectin – helps with bowel regularity
  • Lectin – potential inhibitor of HIV replication

Here are more powerful health benefits of bananas:

  1. Relieves cramping
  2. Reduces depression (the tryptophan converts to serotonin which helps promote happy moods)
  3. Lowers risk of heart disease (contains potassium, lowers blood pressure)
  4. Lowers risk of colon disease (regulate consistent bowel movements; natural laxative; lots of good fiber)
  5. Helps with prevention of stomach ulcers
  6. Aids with eye vision (night)
  7. Helps with those who want to quit smoking
  8. Promotes bone health (promotes calcium absorption
  9. Boosts brain power (eat before a study session or test)
  10. Promotes healthy kidneys and reduces risk of kidney disease
  11. Can help alleviate a “hangover”
  12. Alleviates frustrating PMS symptoms, including cramping
  13. Use peel on mosquito bites to heal quickly and reduce itching
  14. Helps reduce nervous tension
  15. Can resolve morning sickness
  16. Moderates body temperature (eat before sleeping)
  17. Night leg cramps (eat before bedtime)
  18. Gently removes heavy toxins and metals from the body
  19. Support strong nails and teeth
  20. Apply peel to warts to remove
  21. General stress relief
  22. Very high in iron; reduces anemia
  23. Can help with itchy scalp (Tip: Create a hair/face mask. Puree 3 ripe bananas, then blend with 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Massage into wet/towel-dried hair, cover with plastic and a towel for an hour, then rinse out and shampoo/condition. Add an essential oil to spice it up!)
  24. It’s been said that two bananas produce enough energy for a strenuous one-hour workout!
  25. Helps with weight loss as binging can be deterred since a banana can help regulate blood sugar.

Comparing apples to bananas: One average-sized banana has FOUR times the protein of an average apple, and FIVE times the Vitamin A and iron. I think a banana could keep the doctor away.

If you don’t like bananas (and you’ve even read this far), you may want to consider adding them to a smoothie, or as a natural sweetener to your baked breads. If you can handle the side taste, it’s a great way to get them into your body if you don’t like them plain.

Did you know a fully ripe banana, with the dark spots, produces TNF (tumor nerosis factor) and can help combat tumor growth. The riper the banana, the better!

TIP: To help bananas last longer, separate them from one another. They’ll take a little longer to brown.

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If you skipped to the end, the moral of the story is: Eat more bananas.

eat more bananas

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