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on March 21, 2020

I was thinking this morning… how worldwide, we’re all going through the same thing, to varying degrees. Even though it’s the “same thing” – we will each process it very differently.

Some deal with change, and even trauma, w/humor, sharing funny memes, making jokes…I’m guessing that to some that prob seems calloused, hurtful. May even cause actual heart pain.

Some haven’t had time to process at all. Trauma mode. Too busy. Some will recluse. Some will be on zoom every day. And we’ll probably go in waves, and change how we handle this…

reflecting on our time in Kauai – Nov 2019

One may laugh one moment, and then an hour later hear something that makes this instantly more personal.

We’ll just handle things the best we can. Let’s give grace, and let people process. This is new to everyone. Grace.

I hope you feel free to text or message a close friend (or me) if you need reminders or truth, or some encouragement.

Maybe friends could have “tea at three” together on If you’d like to have tea w/me or maybe me and some mutual friends on that video platform, let me know!

Give encouragement. Give LIFE.

God is (still) with us, always, all-knowing, an ever-present help in times of trouble. He knows our days. Let’s do our part, whatever He’s asking us to do.

Another thought. Check in on your close “strong” friends too. They have their ups and downs, and sometimes don’t notice until already down in the dumps, isolated, not wanting to bring anyone else down…

How can we bring a smile, help a neighbor? Who can we give to today? Let’s be blessers.

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