Rosemary Maple Latte

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on September 20, 2013

I have a new favorite coffee drink! I tried it at a coffee shop. Couldn’t stop myself. Yesterday I made it myself. Rosemary Maple Latte. LOVE. I prefer goat milk to dairy, but obviously you can use any milk or cream. Delicious! If you don’t have essential oils yet, consider trying this one (Rosemary) as one of your first. (It’s strong so if you use it cooking…only use a drop.)

Rosemary Maple Latte

The health benefits of Rosemary are amazing. I didn’t learn all of this about Rosemary until this summer (2013). Google Rosemary, friend! But THIS Rosemary Maple Latte is the bomb.

My Mom uses Rosemary often. I’ll have to share her meatloaf recipe sometime! For now, you totally want to try this Rosemary Maple Latte recipe.

So excited about these essential oils. Let me know if you have any questions, or just get started here. Most sign up as a wholesale member, so you can get 24% all future orders (no “selling” required, ever, ever).

Rosemary Maple Latte:

Rosemary Maple Latte


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