Savvy Minerals Makeup by Young Living

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on July 2, 2017


Savvy Minerals Makeup

You guys… it’s here. Young Living’s new Savvy Minerals makeup. I’ve been asked for years, “What kind of makeup do you use that’s safe, no chemicals, etc.?” I had to pick and choose from several places, or not where any at all. Finally…Savvy Minerals!

Savvy Minerals by Young Living

Whether you’re interested in essential oils or not, you can get these new products for a 24% discount with a wholesale membership. If you’re ready to get your membership set up, click here. You’ll get your home spa starter kit (Premium Starter Kit with oils) or one of the other starter kits, and then just Add to Cart whichever items you want from the Savvy Minerals. To easily find, click on “What’s New?” once you’re ready to add on to your order. Call me and I can help.

Savvy Minerals Blush

It’s time to get started. We are in the top of the company and enrolling new members every month who want a safe, free, fun, healthy, home-spa experience! Our community is growing by hundreds every month, and sometimes over a thousand new members join our team in a MONTH! Be a part of this with us! You don’t have to build a business — that may not be for you. That’s okay. Just join us — get the best essential oils on earth, and be a part of something bigger than you could ever imagine. I’m waiting!


Savvy Minerals Makeup


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