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on March 10, 2016

Young Living Foundation Ecuador

Spring is coming and Kyler and I want to give in a big way!

Here’s the deal. When I was young I often told God, “I want to have more so I can give more.” That was my heart’s desire – give give give. And he’s answered my prayer, above and beyond.

My story: After multiple miscarriages, we began a chemical-free lifestyle by switching to a healthier bed from our toxic one, switching to pure water, and we partnered with a company we love to begin exchanging products in our home for those that were chemical-free. When I started seeing life in color again, I began sharing with others. (We now have a miracle baby!) Because I shared with others who did the same…in 17 months, we reached the top .1% in Young Living. Wow. Y’all, if I can do this, you can. I’m a way way way average joe over here. (But hey, the business aspect may or may not be for you, and that’s totally fine – but you’ll want to try the products at least.) Are you in? I’d love to welcome you to our beautiful and quickly growing community! It is happening. Healing, hope and freedom. Are you looking for this? I invite you to partner with me if you’re on a journey to change your lifestyle!

What is this Spring Giving Project? Who will it help? And how can YOU be a part of it?

spring giving project

What is it?

Credit: First of all, thank you, Dani Johnson at First Steps to Success, for the idea, and for your generous heart. And Lindsey Gremont, thank you for sharing about your project as well! Love her. Seriously, check out her website here.

Okay, here’s the deal. Kyler and I are going to donate 100% of the income we earn from Young Living for any new members who get started with me during the months of March, April and May! So, if you get started with me during these months, all of the bonuses* I earn from your enrollment, and from anyone else you help to get started with Young Living. (That increases the giving impact!) You may not even know you can earn an income from Young Living. But with this Spring Giving Project, the income I earn from your individual purchases during your enrollment period (or anyone’s purchases that you enroll during their enrollment period) will go straight to help people in NEED. You can earn money while sharing, and do something like this if you don’t need any extra income, or use the money you earn however you choose!

Who will it help?

All proceeds from the Spring Giving Project will be donated to the Young Living Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. This organization focuses on serving the extreme poor — in Ecuador, Croatia and Africa. Young Living covers all administrative costs of the foundation, so this means 100 percent of every single tax-deductible donation goes directly to their carefully selected projects and partnerships. This means a lot to me. Right now the dollars donated are supporting the following projects:

1. Education.

The Young Living Academy, funded by the Young Living Foundation, supports children in Chongon, Ecuador. The school holds 297 children, grades K-12. They used to have a one-room schoolhouse — no bathroom, dirt floors, and no food. Now there’s a building to learn in every day, and they’re provided with one meal daily. These kids are learning new skills that will help build their community. The YLA is impacting many generations!

2. Rebuilding Nepal.

Rebuild Nepal - Gary D Young

Earthquakes in Nepal one year ago claimed around 9,000 lives, and destroyed more than 900,000 homes. Survivors are still struggling to survive. It’s freezing and they live in makeshift shelters. Young Living is already making an immediate difference.

With donated funds, the Young Living Foundation will set up a factories that will teach people how to manufacture blocks, so they can rebuild their homes! Then they’ll rebuild schools and other buildings and also eventually be able to sell the blocks, creating an income. Another sustainable project that will have a huge impact!

3. Taking care of the fatherless and widows.

Jesus’ brother said this: “Pure and unblemished religion [as it is expressed in outward acts] in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit and look after the fatherless and the widows in their distress…”

In 2014 the Young Living Foundation partnered with the Maestral Orphanage in Split, Croatia. This orphanage provides a supportive home to those who have been removed from their families due to neglect and abuse. Donations fund apartments for orphans to simulate the model of a family setting, with five children to one staff member, per apartment. Imagine the love they feel!

4. Protecting the Extreme Poor in Uganda from Parasites.

Without shoes, you can get painful parasites that cause infection, gangrene, paralysis, occasionally amputation, and even death. Ugandans are very susceptible to illnesses caused by a parasite called jiggers, which typically enter the body through the feet. Thousands of Ugandan children live without adequate protective footwear. Due to misconceptions about the cause of jiggers, they’re literally thrown out of their communities because people think they have evil spirits.

The Young Living Foundation helps fund Sole Hope, which is an organization that supports communities by employing local shoemakers, training them to make protective shoes for the community, AND employing medical personnel to remove jiggers. They also value education about the causes, so children are not neglected.

Young Living Foundation Sole Hope

These are just a few of the things that we do! Amazing stuff right here right?

How do I get started, so I can help?

Get a brief overview of how to start here. And an awesome video to watch! And remember, 100% of the income I earn during your new enrollment period* will be donated to help the orphans and the poor and those affected by natural disasters during March, April and May!

Get started here now!

*How does this Spring Giving Project work?

Here’s what we’re doing: 100% of what we earn from your purchases during your enrollment period will be donated to the Young Living Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. You can learn more about the Young Living Foundation and who we serve here. During your enrollment period, I earn 2 bonuses. I’m giving 100% of these bonuses that I earn to the YL Foundation:

  1. The Starter Kit Bonus – this is $25 when you purchase any Young Living Starter Kit
  2. The Fast Start Bonus – this is 25% of whatever you order in your first three months as a YL wholesale member. Plus, when you enroll someone with the same starter kit you got from Young Living, it’s an additional 10% of whatever they purchase during their first 3 months as a Young Living Wholesale member.

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