staph / MRSA infection

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on December 8, 2014

Holding my Baby Precious lots today. She’s sleeping, snuggly and comfy. And she’s up to 15ml mommy’s milk every 3 hrs! Such a big girl now. You can see where my hands fit under her. May be 13-14 inches now.

Doctors are pleased with her progress, overall. Her throat culture results show MRSA /staph infection. This is obviously a concern, but they insist it’s not uncommon. And she was put on antibiotics immediately, before they knew she had it, and has responded well. So prayers please, for that to disappear.

my baby girl is a snuggler

Today she’s getting a head ultrasound to track progress, since last week’s was unusually good. Huge answer to prayer. Tomorrow she’ll have an X-ray (to check lungs), and on Wednesday she gets a “lab holiday.”

Thanks for your amazing love. God blesses us with your support constantly.

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