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on March 25, 2016

Oh wow, do you realize the power of one?

First things first. It starts with you. To access the power of one, ask yourself, “Am I growing?” Really growing. (If you’re not, your network marketing business won’t either.) Are you pressing through the ups and downs? You WILL grow during your business journey — it’s a guarantee. Unless you quit. If I fixate on that ‘no’ yesterday, my friend I’m supposed to reach out to today won’t be contacted… And if I DO contact her while I’m still fixated on the no, I give off the vibe: “You’re probably going to say no too.”


You don’t want to give off that vibe. Live in the YES and assume the next person will say yes. Be totally shocked if they say no. Respect it if they do, but move on to the next person. And then assume that next person will say YES too.

Assume the yes. Remember, you’re looking for ONE. (You’re speaking to and sharing with many, but when present with one, they are your one focus.)

letting go of yesterday's no frees you sandi boudreau

Letting go of yesterday’s “no” frees you up for today’s big yes.

So we’re talking about the power of one. Yes, you’re sharing with several, maybe 7-10, at a time… But when speaking with your one, focus on that ONE person. And then immediately help them get THEIR one as soon as possible. Verbiage idea:

“Yay! You’re in. Now, let’s help you get these [essential oils] paid for, before they even arrive! Who did you think of during our talk? Who’d like these? Let’s chat with them. I’ll do a three-way call, or hey, bring them over on Thursday to my next class! I’m doing a simple 30-min chat again. Are you in?”

journey rose power of one

You will have the highest chance of helping them get their one, if you model it.

Success tips:

1) keep what you do and say super short and simple (they’ll remember less than 10% of what you say anyway)
2) get the oils ON them (don’t forget to have them breathe deep breaths)
3) share your story (what has changed in your world?)
4) remember you are selling RESULTS, not oils. So, help them get results ASAP. Who doesn’t want to FEEL GREAT? Hello. Oils. Boom. They sell themselves.
5) show them how to order…

Let the ‘no’ go. Press toward a yes.

Okay, some of you have had lots of no’s since your last yes, and maybe you’re feeling stressed. Don’t force this thing. You don’t have to stress. That’s your choice. Let the ‘no’ go. Depending on your personality type, it’s so easy to stress as we press for a yes. I know! We want everyone to say yes, and experience oily amazingness. But, not everyone is ready (yet). You don’t have to strive…you don’t have to convince, force, pressure, or push.

When you’re sharing with several at a time…you aren’t so fixated or discouraged on the no. You’re sharing with say 10 people or so…if one says no for now because they don’t understand the value yet…move on! 🙂

Think about it:

Your friend has two choices after you share with them…

1) Order, or
2) Not order

Right? They will either order or not order. Yes, you can ask them about it later. “Hey!! I know you seemed super interested and I just wanted to follow up and let you know I’m still doing this oily thing, and it’s going REALLY well, and I’m feeling so good. Because you mean so much to me, I really would LOVE for you to get your oils and experience the goodness we talked about if you’re still even a little bit interested! I have NO idea if you’ll get the same results as me and many of my friends, but I can promise you, you’ll experience something pretty special and unique to you!”

So stop stressing. Stop it. Stop worrying about what they think of you. You’re just sharing what you like. Let them make THEIR decision. It’s their choice to order. You’re only pushy if you try to make it your choice, instead of theirs. (Actually, you can be pushy if it’s a sister or BFF.) I pushed (I call it passion) them and now two sisters are in the top .1% of our amazing company!!! How? They each enrolled ONE. At a time. That’s how they started. And you know what? My husband and I work hard, but our success is a result of the hard work of my sisters and thousands of others who are sharing with their ONE. That is the reason we reached the top .1% of our company in 17 months, faster than anyone we knew! And we are not rock stars!! I didn’t even know what an oil was when I got started… Ask me for that story.

We’ve only signed up a hundred or so people… If we can do it, anyone can do this. We’re super average people… Just invest in you, from the get-go. And don’t quit. And share with one.

5 musts as you share with your one:

1) be prepared (if you’re not prepared, you will fail)

2) be educated with the very basics, but also point them to upline, experts, classes, other videos…show them how easy it is to point people to the experts

3) use excellent people skills (learn new ones if you suck at good people skills like I can sometimes)

4) be available, open-hearted, have a servant’s heart (keep pure motives), exude confidence and BELIEF in what you’re sharing

5) EXPECT them to order AND want to tell someone else about them (EXPECT them to want to get their oils paid for…)

THE KEY: Stay in touch personally with them for at least a solid month — via phone, text, email, PM…this is the KEY to the power of one!

One at a time. If you take really good care of your “one” for that first 30 days or so, guess what you’re doing? You’re making sure the change they were looking for HAPPENS, or starts to happen. And also….. if you’ve shown them how easy it is to be available to them for their first month or so, they will do the SAME thing for THEIR “one.”

Your goal is to help each of your ones get THEIR one.

The power of one.

If you need help doing this, or feel frustrated, ask your enroller to help. I promise they or someone close to them wants to help. If they don’t know the answer, they know how to point you to an expert, a recording, a website, etc.

The POWER of one!! Watch this right now! Then go reach out to your next ONE.

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