the worst thing about success

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on March 17, 2016

There’s something just awful about SUCCESS and you’ll never guess what it is… Okay, I LOVE this quote from Stephen Hawking:

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

If you have had some success with your home business (which means you’ve been pretty excited about what’s happened so far), that doesn’t mean you are successful. I mean, think about it.

Success in a small, part-time business, like Young Living, at least to me, is making a difference in one life, and then more and more lives, regularly, and this results in a very strong, solid, consistent income that frees you up to give more and do what you value most. If you’re not completely free to give to those you want to give to, do what you value most, any time you want, and help more people, you’re not successful. Yet.

Is it the money that frees you? Nope. Money isn’t the end goal, even if you believe it is like I did at one time.

A big income is not the ultimate goal. But the income usually shows how many people you’ve helped, inspired, motivated, led, blessed, encouraged, etc. — directly or indirectly.

It doesn’t matter how fast you hit a rank. It doesn’t matter if you hit a special rank in 6 months. It doesn’t even matter that I hit the top .1% of the company faster than anyone I knew. Did that mean I’d reached the ultimate success? Nope. I have much more to do in life than to just make a lot of money. I want to help others get FREE too. Free to give. Free to do what they value most. Stay home with their kids. Get out of debt. Get out of that second or third job.

home business success tips

The worst thing about success is a little bit. -Dani Johnson

Do. Not. Stop. Learning.

Invest in your own personal growth and keep developing YOU. Your own knowledge about your company. Learn new people skills. How to relate. How to empathize. How to handle criticism or exclusion. Learn how to forgive. Learn how to speak in public. Learn something new about technology. Learn how to dance. Learn about grace, mercy, love. Learn how to…be a learner.

If you want a bigger and better business, make a bigger and better YOU.

If you’re not growing, learning and investing in YOU, you’re basically saying you’re satisfied with your current level of knowledge and skills and really don’t need more training or experience to get you where you really want to go. Stop that ridiculous thinking. Take time AWAY from investing in your business, and in others, and invest in you. YOU are why you even have a business. If you want a bigger and better business, make a bigger and better YOU.

I want you to BELIEVE you can soar, and I want to see you FLY. If you don’t believe you can soar, that’s the first thing you need to get to the bottom of.

Why don’t you believe you can soar?

1. “I don’t know enough.” Read a book.
2. “I don’t have any friends.” Network. Make some. Be the friend you want to have.
3. “Everyone already knows about oils.” Stop believing lies.
4. “I don’t do technology.” Spend a few minutes a day learning a new tech skill.
5. “I’m an introvert.” So are a ton of other VERY successful people. (That’s an excuse.) Learn some new people skills.
6. “I don’t have the money to invest in me.” Get it. You can always find money if you need it. Ask friends to invest in you. Sell stuff. Garage sale. Partner w/someone. Use a library, Google, YouTube.
7. “I’m afraid to fail.” Get over it! Is your fear of failure stronger than your desire to succeed?? Has any excuse ever gotten you closer to your goals?
8. “All these kinds of products are already saturated here.” Myth. Stop believing lies.
9. “I don’t have my own stories yet.” Use others’ stories. And remember, especially in Young Living, the products sell themselves. Who doesn’t want more energy? Who doesn’t want a little extra income? Who doesn’t want stronger nails/bones? Who doesn’t want to wake up happier? Who doesn’t want to feel better?
10. “I don’t have time.” We all make time for what we want to do. Are you on FB scrolling mindlessly? Do you have set work hours? Can you get up an hour earlier? If you really want to, you will find the time.
11. “I don’t like sales.” Then make sure you stop telling anyone about anything you like. *wink* (We’re all in sales. Some just earn money while doing it.)

BOOM. Get moving. In heart, mind, soul and in action.

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6 thoughts on “the worst thing about success

  1. Hi, I think all of what you said is truthful and accurate. I had a small business in my home, in younger days. I was a very successful day care provider. I had four children of my own and thirteen I took care of nine after school and four during the day. My success was that these children came to me, I cared for them, played with them, encouraged them, did homework with them, partied with them and talked to them. Did I make a lot of money, no, I invested the money I made back into the children and it was the happiest time of my life. I gave to the children and was blessed back over and over by the children and even today the parents tell me how I raised their children. All of them are “successful” in that they are wonderful adults now and have jobs and are marrying and having children of their own. That to me is success, plus the Good Lord, bless me over and over for the giving I did. I wouldn’t trade that time and small business for anything in the world……and the bonus, I was home with my four children and was blessed to always be there through all their growing years. Couldn’t be more successful than that.

  2. I really want to succeed in this business. I have invested so much into the biz lately, that I have lost myself. I really needed to read this! I needed to know it was okay to take a step back and focus of myself for a little while instead of struggling at what is next for growing! Thank You!!! [Yes, that numbered list hits home!] #realitycheck #thanks #metime #selfcare

  3. Wow! I am so glad I read this. This is just what I needed to hear. I just sold my first PSK last month and decided to give the business a try because we have so much medical debt. But, I’ve spent the last few years very very sick and everything involved in setting up the business feels overwhelming. This blog has helped me organize my thoughts and focus my prayers. Thank you for taking the time to share these thoughts with us. With God ALL things are possible.

  4. Thank you for these words of advice! I get in my own way too much of the time using almost all the excuses you listed. I need to remember that the most important part of this journey is to help someone. If they don’t want to be healthier, happier or whatever then move on. If they are interested, keep it simple.

  5. Sandi, this is such an encouraging blog, and also confirmation to me that I am heading in the right direction. You have inspired me to invest more time in myself. Last year, I attended OGU & gained valuable information to help me move forward with the business aspect of YLEO. I currently have a full-time job and I am very active in my church and my child’s activities. Therefore; TIME TAKING FOR MYSELF REQUIRES EFFORT. I am WORTH that effort. On of my favorite Bible verses is ” They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”. Well, I thought about that scripture and I said ” Now, what am I doing for ME while I wait” There are SO many resources available to help me grow while I wait on HIM to move me to my next chapter. I begin to Read ( books, articles, posts concerning things I need to learn) and each day I learned more. I advanced in my knowledge of technology and how to use it to share with others- teaching and inspiring them to join me in my quest for a healthier lifestyle, FREE to allow God to use me.

  6. Love your “wise” reflections of the true meaning of success. “WE” is much more powerful than “ME”. Helping people develop the skills to present, the skills to organize their time, the skills to budget, the skills to care about others are life gifts and more powerful than a one-time paycheck. Can’t wait to see the sequel to this.

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