The Young Living Difference

If you’re like me, quality matters. Especially in regards to products focused on creating a healthier lifestyle! Young Living is hands down one of the finest companies on the planet when it comes to purity, quality and integrity. See below for a few key points that link to additional information.

If you have questions about Young Living and/or their products, simply contact me and I’ll be happy to assist!

The Young Living Difference

Listen to Young Living’s Chief Operating Officer, Jared Turner, share about the Young Living difference. His experiences illuminate just how personal Young Living can be.

Seed to Seal™

Young Living carefully monitors the production of essential oils through their unique Seed to Seal® process. From the time the seed is sourced, until the oil is sealed in the bottle, Young Living applies the most rigorous quality controls possible to ensure that you are receiving essential oils of the purest quality. More on Seed to Seal.

Leading Laboratory Testing

Laboratories have libraries of compounds stored within their chromatographic computer systems. These libraries are typically purchased from the instrument manufacturers, and are then supplemented over time by the lab itself. The challenge? It can take years to build a quality library. Young Living has the oldest, most extensive libraries relating to essential oils, which means their testing is second to none.

Exceptional Nutrition

Young Living takes their extensive knowledge of essential oils, and uses them to create nutritional products to support a healthy mind and body. Essential oils are used as a foundation, which helps the body to readily absorb and utilize a wide range of products for maximum effectiveness.

The Right Foundation

Young Living isn’t about selling essential oils. At their core, they’re about helping people, because that’s how the founder of the company lived his life. It’s is evidenced by the extensive work of the D. Gary Young Foundation. From earthquake rebuilds in Nepal to caring for orphans in Ecuador. You can tell the quality of any company by what they do with their time and funds.

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