update from journey

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on December 10, 2014

Update from Journey: They just all met around me and talked, and decided to lower my breathing pressure. This means they’re starting to wean me off the nasal IMV, and move me to vapotherm! Right now I still get pressure through my nose tube with each breath, to help me breathe deeply. But I’ve been breathing so well on my own (thanks for praying!) that they want to see how I do with less and less pressure. The full weaning will take time. Prayer request: Please pray for my lungs to be very strong for my age. God hears our prayers!

There’s really no stretch I cannot do.

Okay, I’m thinking way ahead here. I get that from my grandmothers. But is there a way to earn a living by stretching? I’m so good at that. I can stretch fast and slow. My legs and my arms. I push up when I’m on my tummy, and when I’m on my back I raise my arms and legs up and down, side to side. There’s really no stretch I cannot do. The thing I need to figure out is how to not fall asleep on the job.

I’ve also reached three pounds again, and there’s no going back to the two’s.

I’m doing so well with mommy’s milk they upped my feeds to 21 ml every 3 hours!!



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