video: baby sneezes

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on December 8, 2014

They replaced Journey’s nasal IMV today (oxygen in nose), a perfect chance for a quick mini photo shoot. (My first time to see my baby with only a feeding tube!) Day 56.

No nasal IMV in her nose for a few seconds today was pure bliss for our girl.

She loved it and chilled way out. Journey has her daddy’s temperament. So far. And I adore her. Tears…

This video of them preparing for the shoot is much better than most of the photos. She tolerated it with such patience! Probably because these NICU nurses take such good care of her. They’re just amazing! To her and to us.


precious girl, no nasal IMV

Oh my goodness. The sneezes…

Awaiting today’s brain ultrasound results at the hospital now. Praying for no ventricular swelling, decreased infiltration of the blood into her brain matter, and no blockage of the draining cerebral spinal fluid. Thank you for your prayers!

Goodnight, my Journey Girl. Daddy loves you.

goodnight my journey girl

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