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on April 7, 2016

If you’ve done your research, you’ve found that the Young Living Vitality Line is the answer to one of the biggest questions: Can I ingest essential oils?

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Well, no, you cannot and should not ingest just any essential oils. But you CAN ingest oils from the Young Living Vitality Line. This is the most delicious news!

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If you’ve been curious about cooking with oils, or wondering about adding a drop of lemon to your water, you can learn more about the categories here on the Young Living blog. Those categories are Herb, Spice, Citrus and Supplement. AMAZING.

Side tip for a happy summer: Make Ningxia Redsicles!

Definitely explore — so much fun! Essential oils are STILL an adventure for me every day, after almost 3 years of sniffing, sipping and diffusing. Ahhh.

young living vitality line

These citrus oils above….ahhhh. THEY ARE AMAZING. Seriously, just a drop or two a day in water for 90 days and you’ll send me thank you notes every month for the rest of your life.

So go go go explore your Young Living Vitality Line — add flavor to your fave meals (Rosemary in meatloaf!), or use the Lemon as a dietary supplement. The Vitality dietary essential oil line gives you the freedom to explore essential oils in a variety of delicious ways!


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