Young Living January 2019 Promo!

Young Living January 2019 Promo!

Kickstart the new year with health + wellness! A new year sparks positive energy, fresh motivation, and a renewed mindset to accomplish your goals. Bring the energy of the new year into your everyday with this month’s PV promotion! If you’re in my product support group, Oily Gurus Worldwide, you can click on the Announcements (pinned posts) to learn more!

DiGize Vitality

DiGize Vitality to add a splash of wellness support to your morning tea! Healthy tummies. Keep this near when you travel or go out to eat.

Life 9 Probiotic & Citrus Fresh

Life 9 is a potent probiotic that can support your healthy immune system* as you take on new challenges; Citrus Fresh, a cheerful blend of essential oils with a positive aroma to brighten your efforts.

Longevity Oil Blend

Treat your skin to freshness too with the Longevity essential oil blend! All the goodness in the capsules, but since they’re out of stock…you can just use the oil blend.

PanAway Blend

Start each day on the right track by getting your body in motion! With your qualifying order this month, you’ll receive a 5 ml bottle of PanAway essential oil blend—a stimulating, invigorating blend to apply after your energizing workout to boost your mind and spirit, keep the positive energy flowing!