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My Trailer Park Story

I’ve never shared this before, but feel inspired today. As an adult in my twenties I found myself moving back in with my mom. The trailer had holes in the floor. One day a baby raccoon snuck in through a hole under the bathroom sink and hid under my bed!

I had no full-time job, no clear purpose. I remember my future was completely dark. Depression was my normal state. I had believed a lie that I had no future. Of course it didn’t seem like a lie at the time.

My Train Wrecked Life

One night I drove my musty old car I’d bought for around $2400 over to the railroad tracks. I had to go somewhere to cry otherwise people would hear. Not because the windows were open, but because walls of a mobile home are thin. And don’t forget the holes in the floor — Gotta have a little humor! This is kinda heavy!

I sobbed that night at the tracks. Considered ending it all. Felt so completely broken and misunderstood and lost and hopeless. And in the darkness I couldn’t figure out why in the world I was alive. I tear up going back to this moment.

A Decision to Change

I went back to school, finished my degree two years later, got a job, reconnected with the best man I’d ever met (10 years earlier). Since 10 years later he was still the best guy I’d ever met, I married him.

After a couple years, I lost 3 little babies via miscarriage. I felt lost and hopeless and the lies crept back in. I felt like a failure.

I started making changes during that third miscarriage. We got rid of our memory foam mattress first and replaced it with a bed not made of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. We also started with Young Living. We began eating better and switching out toxic products for healthier ones.

Sharing Change With Others

I decided to share about these changes with others almost immediately. It was not hard to make that decision. I loved what I was learning and experiencing and loved helping people. My name means helper, in fact. And when I was little I wanted to grow up and be a…maid. It was fitting for me to dig in and clean up the mess of my own health and life and then help others do the same.

That’s all I needed. I needed someone to offer it to me. Thank you, Courtney. Forever grateful you showed me Young Living. Glad I asked for your referral number since you didn’t give it to me. *haha* Love you.

Anything is possible if you’re willing to push forward and change.

A Blessed Life

Anyway, here we are. I am blessed beyond measure to be a wife and a mom to Journey Rose. Best job. We get to live for a season on Kauai and work our jobs from home. My main “job” w/Young Living gives me the opportunity to help and serve and be a conduit of all God gives, and work with the most incredible life-giving people.

It should go without saying, but my life isn’t perfect. It still rains here. I still have trailer park days and nights. We run out of toilet paper. I burn the toast. I still have entire seasons of valleys. But in every valley, there’s a climb. And in every climb we can choose to look up.

If you’re in a tough place KNOW that clarity and direction is coming your way.

If you’re in a tough place KNOW that clarity and direction is coming your way. Ask God for it. When you see it, run toward it, grab it and don’t let it go. If you’re ready for a healthy change in some area of your life, Young Living is the simplest option. Already a member? Dive into it. Switch out all the things. Get that chemical filled hormone disrupting makeup switched out. Ditch your cleaners. Know better. Do better.

Whatever area you need change in, have hope. But don’t just sit. Must move. Don’t just stay where you are and hope for change. Make a choice. Commit. And if you need change in some area, and you keep doing the same things…stop. Don’t keep doing the same thing. Do something different. Step out in bold faith and confidence and belief and change your story.

You’re not at the “The End” yet. So what’s your next chapter?

My story is mine. You have one too. You know it’s not over, right? You’re not at the “The End” yet. So what’s your next chapter?

I see what can happen. I’ve experienced it. My trailer park past is a gift. Why? Because it shows me anyone can transform their life. Anyone. It is a gift because it helps me believe in YOU. And that’s probably the greatest gift I can give you. Thankful for those who have believed in me. It’s truly one of the very best gifts we can give others. And it’s free!

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3 years ago

Sandi, thank you for posting your story. I’ve felt like I’ve been stranded, not knowing what to do to make our lives better, in a standstill. You give me hope and inspiration that I can move on, with a wonderful product and God’s love to help me. Thank you for putting yourself out there and telling us your story. God bless you!

3 years ago
Reply to  Carolyn

Thank you, Carolyn! I’m so glad this encouraged you!!

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