Magic of Age Six

The joy of age six! Isn’t it magical?

I post the whimsical mostly, and love sharing that part of life… But life is life, and hers / ours is like anyone’s — not always rosy. Some may think an occasional post of whimsy or bliss means she has an entirely whimsical life. What’s posted occasionally never defines life’s entirety. Like you, we have our tough moments. Every. single. person. has. experienced. pain. and. trauma.

For those who prefer “real” over “bliss”…She too, like many children with a NICU background (and plenty of other backgrounds), has experienced pain, trauma, loss, grief. Her first four months of life: pricks, IVs, and eye tests – more intrusion than many will ever experience. And a surgery at around 2 pounds. And that’s just the physical stuff.

This was the hugest leaf pile ever! I can’t remember when I became too old to enjoy leaf piles, but I’m hopeful for her it lasts a few more years!

I won’t get the personal emotional stuff but you can imagine, since she had to be left behind at the hospital every night during that time. (Nurses were amazing. But her mama couldn’t be there.)

We’ve worked very intentionally for emotional connection, assurance, and will continue. But sure, it’s easier to post leaf pile happiness.

Lately she has asked lots of questions about her time in the NICU. I wanted to savor this photo because she’s rubbing her Duckie’s “rub” — her fave spot on her special friend lol.

Let’s continue to learn with each other, work to be intentional, conscientious with our words. Less hate, assumptions, and sarcasm. Let’s unconditionally love, look people in the eyes, ask if they feel loved & valued.So not perfect over here. But I do want to help create magical childhood memories. Simple ones. Healthy ones. I had some of those and treasure them. I want her to have fewer traumatic ones than I did.

I can’t control all life brings. But some things, I can sure work on. Me. My mouth. My growth. My intentions. What I intake will become output. And that output is what forms her… So ultimately what I put in, is what will come out – in her too.

I see Journey Rose as a complete person, a whole person. Not a mini me. Not here for me. She has her own calling and purpose. I want to validate her feelings and perspective, teach her to think, seek truth, be kind, be strong, have boundaries, and love the God who gave her life.

I’m truly forever humbled to learn with and from her.

The sweet girl was thrilled to find a heart rock in the creek. That smile sure is precious. She sure has our hearts!

Sandi Boudreau