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Change can happen for you too

In May 2013, I purchased a new bed after sleeping on memory foam for 3 years and having 3 miscarriages. We also purchased a Berkey water filter (after learning about toxins in drinking water). And we tried essential oils from Young Living.

Did we have the money for all of that? At the time we had a roommate to help us pay rent for our 2-bedroom apartment. So no, we didn’t have the money. But I was convinced we needed something to change.

Did we have the money for all of that? We had a roommate to help us pay rent for our 2-bedroom apartment.

My husband and I both loved the new healthy bed, water filter and were surprised by the essential oils! Who would have thought? As I dug into Young Living further, tried a variety of oils and helped others do the same, I received a check from the company, for my referrals. That was cool.

Then it happened: three years ago my check climbed to about $1000. We no longer needed a roommate!

What led me to this new freedom? A serious hustle. The need serious change.

Hustle: A lot of hours helping a lot of people help a lot of people help a lot of people. All while I was getting a healthier lifestyle!

I didn’t help everyone all at one time.

It started with one. It always does.

One person: Who called the memory foam company and to find out which chemicals were in our bed. (Thank you, honey!) We hopped off that bed immediately and began sleeping on the living room floor.

One person: Who told me about Young Living.

One person: Who told us about Berkey water filters. Actually, that was the same person. (Forever grateful, Courtney.)

One person: Who said yes to all of the above. (Okay, two. Thanks forever, honey.)

And then……

One person: Who said yes to listening to my stories.

One person: Who said yes to Berkey or to essential oils.

And then as we all helped people get results and helped others get results… I made about .047 cents per hour for that first year. Haha!! But…

Was it worth it? YES. Many would say no. And quit. They’re not looking beyond now. I HAD to look beyond now, because my NOW was not working.

Listen. I’ve failed at a lot of things. And really well too. Jobs — I’ve been fired a couple times. Relationships — I broken several, almost single-handedly.

But when it comes to hustle, that I could do. I didn’t do everything right, but I kept getting up and trying again. I still messed up, but just kept hustling. Learning, sharing, trying to help people.

The magic hustle recipe for change was (and is) for me, at least, a combo of equal parts NEED, BELIEF and LOVE.

1. I needed the money.
2. I believed in the oils and in Young Living
3. I love people.

I would love a YES from everyone. I have a desire for change, for anyone who needs it.

My Young Living check is far more per month now, because I’m currently a Royal Crown Diamond. But I keep working. Every work day I’m helping make new Diamonds. The need for money for ME may have disappeared, but desire to love and help people with all of the above (change) remains the same.

This recipe means constant change and growth and I love it!

I will keep sharing and loving on people. Showing heart. Being honest. Opt in to humility. Keep on reading and learning. Listening. It’s simple but not easy. But I love it. And won’t stop.

Be your own hero. You are the only one who can change you and your life and your future.

Please say yes. It’s not about you starting a Young Living business (the business is optional and may not be for you). It’s because I know what it feels like to need change desperately, and to be almost completely hopeless.

If you want to go for it, I’d absolutely love to help you in ANY way. If you’re not “oily” yet, I want to welcome you to our warm, loving, fun and brilliant community. Just grab a Premium Starter Kit, and let’s roll. If you want to learn more about going chemical-free, click here or enter your info in the form below:

Happy, happy 2017!

It will be a good one… I’ll share my “word” for the year soon! xoxo

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