Hi, I’m Sandi

Hi, I’m Sandi! I live on a Hawaiian island where warm saltwater laps the golden beaches, and rich green mountains and waterfalls are visible on every adventure! The trade winds and quiet days and nights have melted me, and after years of hustling, I’m pursuing a much quieter and slower lifestyle.

I’m rediscovering the ‘me’ I was — and the person I’m meant to be. I’m currently studying the art of slow living.

Boudreau Family in Kauai

I write about family, healthy living, fave books, tips for small business owners. I share stories, reflections, a few recipes, inspiration, and our miracle micropreemie journey.

If you found me because you’re interested in essential oils, I can help you get started and plug you into our community. Watch this video all about oils.

Already in my Young Living team and want to work with me? After a season of hustle — sharing, collaborating, building resources and tools — I now work part-time. We’re currently Royal Crown Diamonds and you’re one of thousands in our team. Maybe you’re one of thousands in our team already in the top 3.5% of the company. If you’re new though, many of us have worked hard together to build tools and resources. And with these exclusive resources, YOU can focus on learning about your oils, experiencing all Young Living offers, and building a business, if you’d like. You can do this fast or slow. We decided to put on our full-time hustle pants so we could reach our goal faster. But you can do this however you want. If you haven’t read The Four Year Career, get it yesterday!

If you haven’t said yes to Young Living yet, but know you’re ready, join us! You’ll have everything you need.

This is our little family. That right there is our miracle girl, Journey Rose, in 2015 …and the man we both adore.

Boudreau Family | 2016 College Station, TX

Photo by Jenny Margo Livingston (2015)

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