Sandi Boudreau

Hi, I’m Sandi

Welcome! How did you find me? I’m Sandi, and I write about my reflections on the value of time freedom via side gig incomes (follow me on LinkedIn), and share tips for those who may want to start something new, and work toward leaving their 9 to 5. Occasionally I share reflections about parenting, being your own boss, residual income, mindset / inspiration, our miracle micropreemie journey, and soon, I’ll write about how we grew our family.

Our family in 2018, playing the surf on the island of Kauai. We’ve gained another daughter since then!

If you found me because you’re interested in my wellness journey, or maybe a driven, professional 9 to 5er searching for a reliable side gig, I can help you. We have simple systems so you can focus on being with those you love, reaching goals, working toward beautiful time freedom.

Already in my business and want to coach with me? I’m here for you and continue to share, collaborate, and coach multiple times weekly. As a top income producer in our company I love helping those who are hungry for change. We have simple systems in place so you can focus on experiencing all our company offers, and build a business. You can do this fast or slow. I decided to work full-time hustle to reach my goal faster. But you can do this however you want. If you haven’t read The Four Year Career, get it.

If you haven’t said yes to Young Living yet, but know you’re ready, join us! You’ll have everything you need.

This is our little family. That right there is our miracle girl, Journey Rose, in 2015 …and the man we both adore. (We need to update this website with baby girl #2!)

Photo by Jenny Margo Livingston (2015)
Sandi Boudreau