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Magic of Age Six

I post the whimsical mostly, and love sharing that part of life… But life is life, and hers / ours is like anyone’s — not always rosy.

Tips for NICU Parents

This is the short version of our journey in the NICU, along with a compilation of tips and product info that proved helpful to us along the way. For parents like us who didn’t know what to expect, I hope this is helpful and encouraging!

first update from journey rose

Mom and Dad said I could give the update tonight. I have 3 things to say…

twice her birthweight

Journey Rose is now over twice her birthweight! Born 765 grams (1 lb 11 oz), she’s now 1535 grams (3 lb 6 oz). She’s also just over 15″ (born just over 12″). How do the Boudreaus celebrate beautiful baby’s growth? We thank God while Journey sleeps. Precious.

back to isolation

Well, I just moved back into my own room, an isolation room, due to positive test results for MRSA / staph infection last week.

first baby doll

Baby Journey loves snuggling with her doll. It smells like Mom. She sleeps with it and brings it back to the NICU.

tiny hats

The only clothes she can wear are hats, because of the cords and the need for quick access should something need adjusting.

raw post

Lots of tears shed over this precious one today. I sometimes feel panicky about the future, and I just ache and miss her being with me all the time. It catches up to me in my sleep. Nightmares.

Introducing Journey Rose Boudreau

Baby Journey was born 1 lb 11 oz (765 grams), and 12.25 inches long, during my 24th week of pregnancy (24+6).

Leading up to our baby’s early arrival

We went in during the early evening of October 5, 2014, because I was having unusual back pain. They admitted me and then gave us the news: We weren’t going anywhere until our baby was born.

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