Sandi Boudreau

first baby doll

Kyler here. Baby Journey loves snuggling with her doll (thank you Elizabeth Blumin). It smells like Mom. She sleeps with it and brings it back to the NICU.

Praises: Today’s X-ray for her lungs showed they’re continuing to improve! She’s also getting off the IV food today, because she’s up to a whopping 18ml mommy’s milk every 3 hours! This is the most she’s ever had and the limit for her size right now. She’s too little to handle more. She grew out of the tiniest diapers, so now she gets swallowed up in the next size for a while. We think she’s going to hit 3 lbs again today and stay there. Big girl!!

Sandi here: She has a lot of hair on her head. It’s red like my Dad’s. So very VERY special to me. And look at all the lanugo all over her body. She’ll lose it all but it’s precious for now.

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Sandi Boudreau