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tiny hats

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The only clothes she can wear are hats, because of the cords and the need for quick access should something need adjusting. This was given to Journey Rose by my high school friend, Ashley Meyer Radack. It meant the world to me and made me feel like I had a little baby. Another one she wears often is from Jami Marstall, long-time friend and prayer warrior.

Journey Rose wearing one of her first home made hats.

To understand scale, our fist is too big to fit inside these micropreemie hats.

Speaking of gifts. I can’t explain how much they mean to me. People are sending little cards and gifts that make me feel very loved and very much like she’s going to be okay. She can’t fit into anything clothes-wise, but to know there are clothes waiting for her means more than almost anything. Thank you forever for her baby gifts. It’s been the most loving act of kindness, and I don’t think it’s something I would’ve ever known or thought to ask for…

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Sandi Boudreau