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back to isolation

Well, I just moved back into my own room, an isolation room, due to positive test results for MRSA / staph infection last week. But they’re growing a follow-up culture now to confirm the antibiotics killed it off. Brand new hospital protocol requires it. I’m changing things around here, people.

They said everyone has to dress up in gowns to see me now, and wear gloves too. I’m liking beautiful girly things so far, but these are not the gowns I was imagining. They’re yellow and thin and they wear them over their clothes. And the gloves are not white and dainty. They’re blue. Disappointed! And for now, this all means no skin time either. But Mom just finished holding me anyway, in a soft blanket. I got to lie on my back and look up to her.

Bright side to this change? Safety for others and for me, more privacy, extra space (Dad’s family is coming to town next week!!), it’s darker, changing hospital policy is surely resume material, and I see plenty of room for an 8-foot Christmas tree, a few presents (all I want are hats), wall space for stockings… If you know my Mom and Dad, you know they’ll do something. Thanks for your love and prayers!!

P.S. Mom just left and I did so good with her they decided to wean me off my breathing machine settings a little more. I’m on a one-hour CPAP trial! Go me! Thanks for praying I can do this!

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