Sandi Boudreau

twice her birthweight

Today Mom left the freezer slightly open for a few hours. Dad had to throw away 40 bottles of thawed milk. Mom cries. Dad makes dinner.

Praises: In addition to her growth, her culture Monday came back negative for the staph! So she currently has no MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus). After several more consecutive negative cultures, we are praying the new non-contact isolation (“gowning up”) will be lifted and skin time can resume. She’s also tolerating her increasing breast milk feeds very well, so as of last night she’s off the TPN fluids!

Prayers: Clear results on future cultures so skin time can resume again soon. Also, Journey “failed” the one-hour CPAP test last night, so they just switched the settings back to give her more pressure support. She needs to be able to “inspire” more (breathe in more deeply) on her own. They said they just wanted to see how she’d do, even though it’s early, and we’ll just try it again soon. Continued request for prayers for strong, healthy lungs. She’ll have another X-ray today to check them.

Thanks for all your love and prayers. God is always good and we are so grateful for each day with our Journey Girl.

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Sandi Boudreau