first update from journey rose

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on December 9, 2014

From Journey Rose:

Mom and Dad said I could give the update tonight. I have 3 things to say…

  • No one better take my doll. She’s so tiny. Makes me feel big and strong. I love her. (Thanks, Elizabeth Blumin!)
  • Thank you for praying for me! I feel so much better every day. They’re feeding me 18 ml mommy’s milk every 3 hours, so I’ve been sleeping like a baby! I look completely different every day, but that’s just how it is at 32 weeks gestation. (Had to ask Mom how to spell that word.)
  • Best news of all, my brain scan last night showed “no change” from before, so everything is moving along how it should. Please keep praying. But Mom and Dad are SO happy! Happy tears feel precious on my head.

my doll

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