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Change can happen for you too

In May 2013, I purchased a new bed after sleeping on memory foam for 3 years and having 3 miscarriages. We also purchased a Berkey water filter (after learning about toxins in drinking water). And we tried essential oils from Young Living. Did we have the money for all of that? At the time we had a roommate to help […]

I’d Like a Water. Light on the Chromium 6 Please.

You’ve heard about Erin Brockovich, right? She uncovered that Pacific Gas & Electric had been leaking toxic Chromium 6 into the ground water of a California town. In 1996 the utility giant was forced to pay out $333 million in damages.

Live Longer: The Health Benefits of Raw Veggies

People who eat just 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day lower their risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. And a higher consumption of green leafy vegetables has shown to significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer and skin cancer!

Tips for NICU Parents

This is the short version of our journey in the NICU, along with a compilation of tips and product info that proved helpful to us along the way. For parents like us who didn’t know what to expect, I hope this is helpful and encouraging!

Cleansing for Better Health

Okay. Who’s ready to lose some WEIGHT? Have you asked yourself, “Should I do a colon cleanse?” Do you want to feel better overall? Have you eaten crappy for too long and need to get rid what’s stuck?

Be Cautious About Memory Foam

We used to sleep on a top-of-the-line memory foam mattress until we called the company to find out what they were made of. That very night we moved to the floor and went on the hunt for a healthier mattress!

Can’t get your bum out the door?

Can’t get your bum out the door? Are you frustrated with your current state of fitness? We’ve all been there. Consistency with exercise can be a real struggle. Is working out something you’ve never really started? It’s not too late…

Lavender Lemonade

Here’s a promise. You will fall in LOVE with this Lavender Lemonade! Tip: Only add 1 drop of Young Living’s Lavender Vitality Essential Oil. Otherwise, it’ll taste more like lavender plant lemonade than lemon lemonade! New to essential oils? I only recommend Young Living essential oils for ingestion. I’ve personally been to several of their […]

Sandi Boudreau