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(How would YOU title a blog post about a colon cleanse…?)

Okay. Who’s ready to lose some WEIGHT? Have you asked yourself, “Should I do a colon cleanse?” Do you want to feel better overall? Have you eaten crappy for too long and need to get rid what’s stuck?

Are you hung up by what you think a colon cleanse will be like? Wipe away your fears, because this is a very gentle colon cleanse. It’s detailed in depth by Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff in her book, “Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils.” Who can do it? It’s never too late to cleanse…

The protocol listed in the book is simple, clear, and extremely informative. I highly recommend you purchase that book. Buy it on Amazon.

Throughout the cleanse, each product is used (orally) to slowly, and increasingly, fully cleanse the colon. You can eat normal healthy meals, as you already do. I’ve created a private Facebook group for those joining. In it I can offer some smoothie recipes & some tips & encouragement. We’ll also be joined by professional chef, Jane, from Jane Casey’s Kitchen. Jane will share tips on menu ideas and suggestions about healing w/specific superfoods! Also, feel free to start eating healthier right away, by replacing one meal a day with a smoothie. For my free smoothie recipes, just click here.

Who doesn’t want cleansing-camaraderie? (This is the only way to make a colon cleanse fun — joining a party/group!) The FREE private, secret Facebook group is for those who buy the kit from me, or from someone in my group, and want to join us on Dec. 2. You can do it!

DO I HAVE TO BUY ESSENTIAL OILS? No, but this cleanse kit DOES incorporate essential oils, because each item in the Cleansing Trio kit includes oils. No oil purchase is necessary.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Everyone’s different, so this would be impossible to say. It could be a couple weeks, or for some, a couple months. Dr. Dearduff’s book explains more.

HOW MUCH IS IT? To buy the Cleansing Trio kit, sign up for your wholesale member by clicking here and then before check-out, also add the Cleansing Trio Kit. As a Retail Customer it costs $115.46. As a wholesale “distributor” it’s $87.75 (24% off). Again, if you become a wholesale member to get the 24% discount, you need to buy a premium starter kit also. Best choice!!!

If you want to lose weight, clear out the crap (toxins, that is), and just get on top of your colon health before the year’s over, this cleanse is for you. We start this week in December 2013! (You can join late — everyone will be on a unique schedule since we’re all different.)

I lost about 7 pounds the first time I did this cleanse, without changing up my eating habits. I didn’t drink smoothies or use a meal replacement shake (I recommend the one from Young Living called Balance Complete.) So, if you want to go hardcore and lose 10-20 pounds at least, let’s do it! By the time everyone else is making their New Year’s resolution health goals, you’ll be way ahead!

After you purchase the kit (and/or the meal replacement), let me know so I can add you to the private group. We have 10 11 13 15 already in the group! Share this with your friends (um, come on, it’s a colon cleanse party – it’s a once in a lifetime chance!). It’s recommended that everyone do a true colon cleanse at least once a year. See you soon!

NOTE: All information on this site is for educational purposes only. Please consult your personal health care professional before making changes to your diet or exercise plan, or when doing a fast, detox, or cleanse, or when taking any vitamins or supplements. Only your personal health care professional can advise you as to what is safe for you. All individuals are different. Any information provided is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, nor to diagnose, treat or cure any illnesses.

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