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Can’t get your bum out the door?

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I’m a kinesiology major. I get the importance of exercise. But that doesn’t make it easy to do! Maybe you started a hard and consistent workout plan, became consistent, lost the belly fat and several extra inches, then you just STOPPED?

It’s like we sometimes think we feel so good we’ll just stay that way. (Guilty!) Muscles aren’t dedicated friends. They go away as soon as you stop giving them attention.

Even just 20 minutes a day will keep the muscles happy and working on your behalf.

Walking is Wonderful Exercise

Walking is the most wonderful exercise for those who have been off of exercise for any length of time. It won’t strain or pull muscles, and the gravitational pull on your body requires just the right amount of resistance to be beneficial to both your bones and muscles. No strain to the ligaments, no stress fractures, no pain. Just good ol’ resistance. SO good for you.

Weights & Speed Not Required

You don’t need to carry around weights, or run, or speed walk. Just get up off your bum, walk out the door, and start walking! Go for 10 minutes, then turn around and walk back. Enjoy what you see. Leave your phone at home. Stop to smell a flower. Look at someone else trying to get healthy, in the eyes, and smile!

If you stop exercising after a decent length of time working out, it only takes a few days for your muscles to start screaming for attention. The aches. This is when your body’s saying “don’t forget about me!”

Do these 5 things, 5 days in a row, and you’ll be very pleased with yourself each day, and happier and healthier when you’re done.

  1. Drink lots of water. Men should try to drink at least 13 cups a day. Women, at least 9. More if it’s hotter outside. This is just a baseline. Every body type is different, but the bottom line is, stay hydrated.
  2. Stretch after your walk. The muscles are warmed up so stretch while they’re hot. Don’t go crazy, just stretch until it feels good.
  3. Breathe. Sometimes people hold their breath when they walk or do other exercises. I have no idea why, but I catch myself doing it too. It’s not good for you… Let that oxygen get all over your body and into the brain.
  4. Walk more than one day in row. Don’t be satisfied with one walk a week. Just get up and go. You can do it! Five days starts with one.
  5. Good shoes. Don’t walk in flip-flops. Make sure your shoes fit well and aren’t too tight.

Have issues with tight toe boxes? Altra running shoes. My husband swears by them. Their “foot shape” can’t be beat. Check the Torin or Escalante.

Peppermint Spritz

A suggestion to get the oxygen flowing is to spritz some water that has peppermint oil drops in it, all over your body. You’ll be amazed at the difference this could make in your workout. It’s been said that Jillian Michaels from “Biggest Loser” even puts peppermint oil on her wrists before a workout. Try it! You can put Peppermint on your feet too.

Just get up and GO. Let me know in the comments if you did, and what you enjoyed about it! You can do it. Keep ‘Healthy’ simple!

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