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Change can happen for you too

In May 2013, I purchased a new bed after sleeping on memory foam for 3 years and having 3 miscarriages. We also purchased a Berkey water filter (after learning about toxins in drinking water). And we tried essential oils from Young Living. Did we have the money for all of that? At the time we had a roommate to help […]

Montana: Our First Family Trip to the Big Sky State

Last minute trip. One way tickets. Fly rods and bear spray. Our first family adventure in a state we’ll definitely want to see again!

I’d Like a Water. Light on the Chromium 6 Please.

You’ve heard about Erin Brockovich, right? She uncovered that Pacific Gas & Electric had been leaking toxic Chromium 6 into the ground water of a California town. In 1996 the utility giant was forced to pay out $333 million in damages.

Sandi Boudreau