My life changed forever when I learned to live better.
Micropreemie Journey

At 24 weeks our baby girl decided she was ready to be born. What followed was a journey of terror and joy as our little girl struggled to survive for 4 long months in the NICU at Santa Monica, CA.

Micropreemie Journey

My Trailer Park Story

It really doesn’t seem like very long ago that I lived in this mobile home with my Mom. There were holes in the floor. One day a baby raccoon snuck in through a hole under the bathroom sink and hid under my bed for a while. I had no full-time job, no clear purpose. I remember my future was the actual color black. Depressed, I believed a lie that I had no future.

Trailer Park Story

The Art of Slow Living

Hi! I may not know how to make mac & cheese, but I can throw a fabulous party. My fave is the Boudreau party of three. Kyler & I have a micropreemie (born at 24 weeks) in 2014, and now more than ever, I recognize each day as a gift and adventure! I love gathering others together, but am also intentional about practicing the art of slow living — a quieter lifestyle with lots of open spaces on the calendar to fill with “come what may.” I’d love to share tips with you on how you can create a slow living space in your life!

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My Trailer Park Story;
My Trailer Park Story

It really doesn’t seem like very long ago that I lived in this mobile home with my Mom. That’s me in the pink coat. I […]

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Young Living’s Omegagize

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Young Living’s Multigreens

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