Holidays and Loss

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on December 18, 2013

I’ve been tempted quite a bit to fixate on what’s ‘lacking’ this Christmas season. Caught myself in the act several times over the past week…Okay, more like over and over and over. Yet so much has been given to me. How dare I suggest it’s not enough? Yes, I can acknowledge loss, and it’s healthy to mourn. And I do and I have.

But I encourage those of us who’ve had some time to mourn, and have experienced some healing, to refocus on what we do have. Maybe that will help us avoid drifting into the abyss.

I also want to add: If you’ve lost someone and are still mourning, I feel for you. I fight back tears thinking of you and your pain. No one has a right to tell you to ignore the pain or “just be grateful for what you do have.” This post wasn’t written for you. It’s written for me and I’m just sharing where I’m at in my journey. Just hope it helps someone.

I’m sorry for the pain the holidays can bring to your ears, eyes and ALL your senses, every single day. Smells, songs. It feels like it’ll never end.

I want to honor you for surviving your pain each day. May God bless you and comfort you.

As I refocus my heart today, my prayer is that God would have mercy on my ever-wandering heart.

Thank you, God, for new mercies each day. You are all I need and more than enough.

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