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Hi, I’m Sandi. I share stories about my life and family, and personal reflections on faith, fun stuff, loss, business, projects, creative inspiration, and our miracle baby. I love to offer hope by sharing about what I’m learning on my journey. Through good times and bad, I’ve experienced the kind of personal growth I’d never exchange for ease. I am very blessed, even though (like everyone) we’ve been through some pretty tough times. I just want to give back, make a difference where I can. So, here I am.

I can only offer what God has first given me.

What else do I write about? I write about our miracle, Journey Rose, who was born during my 24th week of pregnancy. I’d love for you to share your micropreemie story or share with me privately. I bond quickly with these precious mamas! I also write about network marketing, which is one of the fastest growing kinds of business models. Lots of people don’t understand it, so I like to help people push past those things. We personally have chosen to partner with wellness company, so I write about success tips for sharing about the wellness world. (If you’re here because you’re interested in essential oils or other supplements and home products from Young Living, I’d love to welcome you to our community. It may not be for you, but there’s also an income opportunity if you’re needing a supplemental income. God and my family are higher priorities, so I only work about 10 hours per week or so. (I learned it was important to do this the hard way! So I teach others how to grow part-time, so they can continue to do what they value most.)

This is our little Boudreau family. That right there is our miracle girl, Journey Rose, and the man we both adore.

the boudreau family

Photo by Jenny Margo Livingston (2015)

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